5 Most Inspiring Call Me By Your Name Quotes

Call Me By Your Name (2017) is based on the same titled novel. It tells a poetic love story of Elio, a seventeen young boy and Oliver, a graduate student from America.
There are plenty of Call Me By Your Name quotes which are touching and inspirational. In this post, let’s have a quick look.


The scene is set with Elio and his parents sitting in their living room. His mother was reading Heptaméron by Marguerite de Navarre to her husband and son. ‘I never have the courage to ask a question like that’ Elio responded. His parents probably sensed something strange and encouraged him to talk to them if needed. Elio was still figuring out what was going on with him and Oliver at that time.


The most important line from the film was said by Oliver after the first night they spent together. During the story, Elio and Oliver did not get to know each other with ease. They had misunderstandings and conflicts back and forth. Only then they were sure about how they felt for each other. In the 1980s, people might still find it unacceptable for this kind of relationship, even Elio himself. This movie title is included in this quote and it kinda sums up their journey together.


This comes from the iconic ‘peach’ scene. When Elio said ‘I'm sick, aren't I?’ and this was Oliver’s reply. This scene is one of the most emotional cuts of the whole work. They were loving each other, living their lives and somehow still struggling with it. The director of the movie did a great job by creating a sensual yet clean and touching vibe for this scene.


Said by a guest at Elio’s mansion, this line is also the perfect description for the film. Despite the fact that it’s a gorgeously romantic movie, it speaks for many people of that time and until now. Furthermore, it reflects every individual’s personal hardships. Those are to find out who you are, to live as you want, to accept your identity and to accept the heartbreaking truths. Through visual and sound of cinema, reality is made complete and captivating to the eyes of the audiences.


Out of all the Call Me By Your Name quotes, this is undoubtedly the most emotional and touching quote. Their love bloomed in summer, and somewhat withered in winter. Oliver called Elio and told him about his upcoming marriage. Listening to Oliver’s talk, we may kinda picture how Oliver’s dad was. He said Elio was lucky to have such a supportive dad who treated him like a son-in-law. Elio said nothing but kept calling out ‘Elio’. Oliver’s line was the movie’s ending line also. After taking Oliver’s call, Elio was just sitting by the fire, staring and started to cry while everyone else in his family was preparing for dinner. Elio later said everything he bore in his heart, not with words but with his eyes. 
These are the most fascinating Call Me By Your Name quotes. May u tell which one is your favorite line? For more interesting movie, celebrity and Entertainment facts and updates, check out frequently. 
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