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Blades Of Chaos In God Of War: How To Get It?

The Blades of Chaos served as Kratos' hallmark weapon in previous God of War games, but when you begin the most recent installment of the series, you won't find them anywhere. Even though the Leviathan Axe is quite cool, many people would rather see Kratos use the Blades of Chaos than the Leviathan Axe.
In the next section, we will tell you whether or not the Blades of Chaos are in the God of War game for the PlayStation 4, and if they are, how you may acquire them.
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How Powerful You Are In God of War When Get Blades Of Chaos

Like the Leviathan Axe, the Blades of Chaos have a skill tree and can be upgraded. They can also be equipped with light and runic attacks and handles. Kratos can use a new set of skills and strategies when he gets this new weapon. No enemy in the game can stand up for long between the blades and your ax.

How To Get Blades of Chaos God of War

Before going on the journey of gaining the Blades of Chaos, you had better understand Kratos (Ghost of Sparta).

Kratos Wiki

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The main character of the God of War games is Kratos, whose name is also in the title. Kratos was born in Sparta and was a respected soldier and Spartan General until he accidentally killed his wife and daughter while working for the War God Ares. This earned him the nickname "Ghost of Sparta," and he stopped working for Ares, killing him and becoming the new "God of War" before getting revenge on his father, the Olympians, and the Titans who betrayed him.
After getting his revenge, Kratos escaped into the world of Norse Gods and settled in Midgard in ancient Norway. There, he married another woman named Faye and had a son named Atreus. After the boy's mother died, Atreus and Kratos went on a journey to spread her ashes on the highest peak in all nine realms.

Guidance To Find It

In God of War, players should take Freya's boat from the river to return to Kratos' house after leaving her home. Kratos can get home safely by floating down the river in her canoe. There will be a group of hellwalkers in front of Kratos' house, and the Leviathan Axe can hurt none. Kratos must use only his fists to beat every hellwalker, and then he must go inside to the animal rug to get the Blades of Chaos.
In God of War, once Kratos gets the blade, he can go back outside and use them on the new hellwalkers that appear. Kratos now have another way to kill these enemies without using the powerful God of War Leviathan Axe. The Blades of Chaos also have attacks that hit a wide area. Like the Leviathan Axe, the Blades of Chaos have Chaos Flames, Pommels, and their skill trees that Kratos can use to improve his use of God of War's most famous weapon.
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How did Kratos get the Blades of Chaos off?

When Kratos was at the top of his mission to kill the God of War, he lost the Blades of Chaos when he fought for his family in one of Ares' illusions. Ares used the Blades to kill Kratos' family again after he lost them. Kratos could do nothing but watch them kill his family again.
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