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  1. All Akatsuki Members Who Have Died

All Akatsuki Members Who Have Died In The Order

In Naruto, all Akatsuki members are a group of strong shinobi who were all killed. Here is how they died, starting with Sasori and ending with Zetsu. Fans of manga and anime have had a lot of good stories to enjoy over the past 20 years, but very few series have been as popular all over the world as Naruto. The series is about a young ninja named Naruto. Most people in his village avoided him because he was born with a powerful nine-tailed demon fox sealed inside of him.
As the series continues, we learn that the Akatsuki is a group of ten very powerful ninjas who want to capture all the tailed beasts for their own needs. This article will list the order in which all Akatsuki members were died.

All Akatsuki Members Who Have Died

10. Sasori Is The First In All Akatsuki Members Who Have Died

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Sasori, a shinobi from the Hidden Sand Village, used the Puppet Technique to slay the Third Kazekage, the village's strongest shinobi.
Sasori was a terrible opponent, but Sakura and his grandma Chiyo, who taught him everything he knew, defeated him first in combat. Chiyo stabbed him through the heart with puppets he'd made as a child to imitate his dead parents.

9. Hidan

The only important thing that The Hidden Village in Hot Water added to the Naruto series was Hidan, the crazy religious fanatic who felt happy when he killed someone. Because of his faith, Jashin is also a living voodoo doll that will never die.
After Hidan kills Asuma, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji go after Hidan with Kakashi's help to get revenge on their former sensei. The following battle is a sight to behold because Hidan is a great fighter when he uses his three-bladed scythe. Shikamaru finally beats him by putting him in a trap with paper bombs that blow him up. However, this doesn't kill him, so he is immediately buried alive in a pit.

8. Kakuzu

Hidan's companion and the second oldest member of the Akatsuki, Kakuzu, stole a scroll that allowed him to take the hearts of other ninjas to extend his own life while employing all five elements.
Kakuzu had five hearts during the fight with Shikamaru's squad and Kakashi; each had to be destroyed to kill him. Kakashi destroyed the first heart with his Lightning Blade, Hidan accidentally destroyed the second, and Naruto destroyed the remaining hearts with a Rasenshuriken.

7. Itachi - 7th In All Akatsuki Members Who Have Died

Itachi Uchiha agreed to kill everyone in his family to stop a violent coup in the Leaf Village, but he kept Sasuke Akatsuki alive. Then, he agreed to join the Akatsuki so that the Leaf Village could learn more about the group.
Itachi was a skilled and dangerous shinobi who was a prodigy of the Sharingan. He could use skills like Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo because he had the Mangeky Sharingan (which came equipped with a legendary sealing sword and a shield that could block any attack). Itachi died while fighting Sasuke, but the battle wasn't what killed him in the end. Itachi had been sick for years with a disease that couldn't be cured. He only fought Sasuke because he knew he was going to die soon.

6.Uzumaki Deidara

all akatsuki members Uzumaki Deidara
Uzumaki Deidara joined the Stone Village Explosion Corps because he could make chakra explosions. He employed forbidden techniques to give himself palm and chest mouths to form explosive clay.
Deidara resolved to go after Sasuke Akatsuki when Itachi died before he could murder him. When he realized Sasuke didn't like his art, he used the mouth in his chest to become a live bomb. Sasuke summoned a gigantic snake to defend himself from Deidara's attack.

5. Nagato/Pain Akatsuki

all akatsuki members Pain Akatsuki
Nagato was one of the first people to join the Akatsuki and led the group for most of the series. He could do this because he had the Rinnegan (even though those eyes originally belonged to Madara Uchiha). After his best friend Yahiko died, Nagato overthrew the leader of the Rain village and used the bodies of Yahiko and five other shinobi to split his god-like powers.
Nagato killed Jiraya as Pain and then destroyed the Leaf Village, but Naruto showed up and beat all six bodies before finding Nagato's real body. At this point, Nagato was stuck in a wheelchair, and when he realized that Naruto was the best chance the world had at real peace, he killed himself to bring back to life everyone he had killed in the village.

4. Konan

Konan was a founder member and the only female Akatsuki member. Konan's combat style comprised changing her body into paper and utilizing paper shuriken.
After Nagato's death, Konan left his ideal of peace in Naruto's hands, so she returned to the Rain Village as interim leader. Tobi-now Madara asked Konan where she hid Nagato's body. Konan nearly killed Tobi, but he killed her with a genjutsu.

3. Kisame

all akatsuki members

Kisame joined the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist after killing his boss. Soon after, he met Obito/Tobi, who persuaded him to leave the village and join the Akatsuki, where he eventually became Itachi's partner. Kisame had Samehada, a huge sword with scales that eats chakra, and he could fuse with it and turn into a real shark-man.
Bee and the Raikage were thought to have killed Kisame by cutting off his head, but it turned out that he was a clone of Zetsu. A little while later, he died when Naruto was trying to tame the Nine-Tails. When Naruto sensed him, he came out of Samehada, which Bee now owns, and fought Might Guy. After getting beaten and trapped in a Jutsu, he called three sharks to eat him to ensure his Akatsuki secrets died with him.

2. Tobi

Tobi was a hidden founder but didn't join the Akatsuki until Sasori's death. He seemed like a nitwit who couldn't be destroyed by traditional means. Tobi was Obito, Uchiha-former Kakashi's squad member who helped organize and control the Akatsuki to fulfill Madara Uchiha's objective of plunging Earth into a permanent dream state.
So he could live in a world where Rin, the girl he loved, was still alive, he became the Ten-Tails' vessel. After realizing his mistake, he helps Naruto and Sasuke Akatsuki stop Madara and Kaguya and dies while shielding Kakashi from one of Kaguya's All-Killing Ash Bones.

1. Zetsu Is The Last Of All Akatsuki Members Who Were Died

all akatsuki members

This one is interesting because Zetsu was two people in one body, and White Zetsu was killed during the Fourth Great Ninja War when Sasuke Akatsuki used him as a target while trying out his new eyes. He died when an Amaterasu-charged Susanoo arrow set him on fire.
Black Zetsu was made real by Kaguya's will, which made him look like he was hundreds of years old. During the war, he fought the Mizukage and Naruto and was able to stay alive. He even beat a god-level Madara to bring Kaguya back to life. But Naruto threw him into the same jutsu he used to seal her, so his fate was sealed along with hers.
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