8 Shocking Scandals That Got Child Stars Kicked Off Their Show

Plenty of child stars have starred in numerous movies and fun songs that constantly bear in our minds. Most of us wonder where our favorite child stars are now. Sadly, they are easily exploited, either by the agent who sees their values or even by their parents who want to make money off them. It is common for child stars to make it to adulthood without scandal.
Of course, not all have controversy following their move, but quite a few one-time young actors have found themselves in hot water. While some well managed their scandals and built their names for themselves in Hollywood, some had to say goodbye to their dream. Here are 8 child stars who got fired from their show.

#1 Tommy Kirk was fired from Disney for being gay

Source: Disney

Tommy Kirk was considered a legendary child actor after starring in big projects like “Old Yeller”, “The Swiss Family Robinson”, “The Hardy Boys” and so on. However, his career with Disney ended when the news of his homosexuality came out.

#2 “Zoey 101” ended after Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant

Source: Nickelodeon

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to her first child, just a month after “Zoey 101” was finished. For this reason, she said goodbye to her character. The actress disappeared from the spotlight for five years to raise her daughter.

#3 Jennette McCurdy left the movie “Sam & Cat” after her lingerie pictures were leaked

Source: Jennette McCurdy on Sam & Cat

After Jennette McCurdy’s sensitive photos were leaked in 2014, many wondered whether or not the show “Sam And Cat” was affected. The actress was removed from the network and the movie never came back.

#4 Sasha Mitchell got fired from “Step By Step” after getting arrested for spousal abuse

Source: ABC

In 1995, Mitchell was charged with causing physical harm to his wife. One year later, he was arrested for abuse when throwing a chair against a wall and hitting her wife with a couch pillow. Eventually, he was fired from “Step by Step”.

#5 Lisa Bonet got fired from “The Cosby Show” after filming a sensitive scene in “Angel Heart”

Source: NBC

In 1987, Bonet appeared in “Angel Heart”, in which she had a sensitive scene with Mikey Rourke. Because of it, she has kicked off “The Cosby Show”.

#6 Mitchel Musso parted ways with Disney after his arrest

Source: Disney

After starring in “Hannah Montana”, Musso is now starring in ‘Pair of Kings,' which airs on Disney XD. Because he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, he was forced to left the show.

#7 Taylor Momsen got kicked off of “Gossip Girl” for erratic behavior

Source: The CW

According to Deadline, Momsen had volatile behavior on the set of “Gossip Girl” that raised her eyebrows. For this reason, she was written off the show.

#8 Tori Spelling got Shannen Doherty fired from “Beverly Hills, 90210”

Source: Fox

Shannen Doherty portrayed Brenda, a character that was supposed to last the entirety of the series “Beverly Hills, 90210”. However, she got fired after season four for not playing nice with her co-stars. Tori Spelling eventually got her written off the show.
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