13 Times Celebrities Found A Way To Remove Their Regrettable Tattoos

Regret is one of the most painful emotions that comes with a tinge of hopelessness. Sometimes it seems to be a slow trickle of subtle feelings, which eventually gather into a dark, heavy cloud inside. The case is true for people who have something as permanent as tattoos. People get tattooed because they want to mark a significant aspect of themselves or their lives, and some others show their respect for people they admire. And celebrities are no exception.
While some stars decided to erase the regrettable ink from their skin with an expensive and painful process, others learned to fess up and live with their mistake. If you're curious about celebrities who found a way to modify their regrettable tattoos, scroll down to see.

#1 Melanie Griffith

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Melanie Griffith had her ex-husband’s name, Antonio Banderas, tattoos on her bicep. The couple was married for 18 years but eventually got divorced. Therefore, she decided to get rid of the tattoo.

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#2 Kelly Osbourne

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Kelly Osbourne had more than 15 inkings on her body, but the actress decided to remove some of them. While some still have special meaning, she felt like some were a mistake. One of them was the keyboard on her forearm.

#3 Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato got a lips tattoo on her wrist to depict her friend’s pout. However, she regretted it and decided to say goodbye to it. She covered it up with a rose tattoo.

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#4 Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba shared that she underwent a painful process to get rid of her tattoos. They included flowers in the middle of her neck and a bow in the middle of her lower back.

Source: ZAK BRIAN / SIPA / East News, ZAK BRIAN / SIPA / East News

#5 Iggy Azalea

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The rapper Iggy Azalea had the words “Live Love A$AP” inked across three of her fingers in dedication to her ex-boyfriend A$AP. Because the couple slipped in 2012, she decided to remove it.

#6 Ariana Grande

Source: East News

When her song 7 Rings was issued, Ariana Grande got a tattoo featuring Japanese characters, which were supposed to be translated as the name of the song. However, she realized it was a mistake and tried to get rid of it. The characters could be translated as “a small barbecue grill”.

#7 Kaley Cuoco

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In 2013, Kaley Cuoco and her former husband Ryan Sweeting got married. To celebrate their wedding date, she had a tattoo on her back. But they broke up and the actress decided to remove it and replaced it with a moth.

#8 Nicole Richie

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Nicole Richie said that she felt like an idiot when getting the tattoo “Richie” on the back of her neck. Although it was nice, no one asked about it.

Source: Steve Granitz

#9 Justin Bieber

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Eagle-eyed fans spotted that Justin Bieber got a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, on his wrist. The singer regretted it and decided to cover it up but his effort was not successful.

#10 Nicki Minaj

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At the age of 16, Nicki Minaj tattooed 6 Chinese characters but after that, she regretted it. She experienced a painful process to get rid of it.

#11 Mark Wahlberg

Source: East News

Mark Wahlberg decided to get rid of his two tattoos: a portrait of Bob Marley and his name. However, he realized these tattoos took him much time in the makeup chair to hide them. Additionally, he didn’t want his kids to get tattoos. Therefore, he got them removed.

#12 Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria tattooed a “nine” on the back of her neck to remind her husband, Tony Parker. However, after splitting with him, she underwent a painful process to get it removed.

#13 Jessie J

Source: AFP / East News

Jessie J got a line from her song “Who you are” tattooed but it was misspelled. She got “loose” instead of “lose”, so the singer got rid of it and said that she never wanted to get any more tattoos ever.
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