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27 Times Pet Owners Thought Groomers Gave Them Back The Wrong Pet

With images and video clips featured on social networks, many animal trendsetters are going viral thanks to their amazing transformations. We will never be able to guess how phenomenal these cherubic creatures can become after the transfiguring process. There is only one thing we can ensure. It is that you won’t be disappointed with 20+ wonderful snapshots capturing cute pets’ before-and-after getting groomed moments.

These marvelous pics below were uploaded on Reddit and received tons of upvotes and encomium. Plus, netizens admiring them hope there will be so many more significant captures of pets getting haircuts since they can’t help oohing and ahhing and looking for the bonus. It is also a place for pet owners to perform their skills as half-time pet barbers as well as demonstrate their expert groomers’ mastery who have such virtuoso ability to remodel the flooooffy animals into superstars that even their owners can not recognize.

Now, we would like you to close your eyes for several seconds and visualize in your mind how classy and sassy you expect your furbabies can be. Then, when you have grabbed that image, let us prove that it will never be impossible!

#1 Before & After. CC, please!


#2 I never get a good Yorkie, this boy helped me enjoy the breed!

Source: u/holyshitokay

#3 Looks like he’s wearing chaps

Source: u/Hardmanhounds

#4 Before & after…. 14 yo toy poodle

Source: u/TuffEnoughMom

#5 The Shermanator!!

Source: u/Hardmanhounds

#6 She was severely matted but I love how her face turned out!!

Source: u/KaleidoKitty

#7 Satisfying Pomeranian Dashed

Source: u/MealFuture

#8 Before and after grooming for Kateri

Source: u/rick4003172112

#9 I loooove grooming collies! Jessie was a hot mess that ended up being a two-day job. I’ve been dubbed the “collie lady” by some clients and they refer their fellow rough collie owners to me and I’m honestly not upset!

Source: u/bigkatt_

#10 I think the groomer gave me back the wrong dog.

Source: u/Elafacwen

#11 My latest before and afters – one week officially open! Criticisms welcome!

Source: u/GherkinSqueedo

#12 A travesty of justice when groomers refuse to follow directions. My poor girl is naked and I can barely recognize her. I’ll have to put her in a t-shirt to protect her from sunburn.😞

Source: u/shinadoll

#13 I was so happy with this groom! Feedback or advice is appreciated.

Source: u/MistyPepper

#14 Little old man how’s he look

Source: u/Disgruntled_Bee

#15 Before and after grooming!

Source: u/Herodias

#16 Before and after, grooming gets costly but he loves being shaved

Source: u/That_Guy_Brody

#17 Ranger, before and after grooming.

Source: u/Booboopcid

#18 Before/After of my dog Chewy. When we first got him the previous owners didn’t ever clean him! My mom groomed him and the rest is history (:

Source: u/krantzc

#19 Goodbye to the floof: before and after

Source: u/maplemuffinpup

#20 Just got my pup back from the groomer’s and well, I feel like I might’ve nailed the before and after pic. Plus he looks pretty cute (OC

Source: u/plentyoflasagna

#21 Before and after grooming our 14-year-old boy!

Source: u/chicho1989

#22 I thought this requested cut was going to turn out looking ridiculous but I was pleasantly surprised!!

Source: u/Myjojobean

#23 Seven-month-old Barney before and after a severe summer trim

Source: u/andywhalephoto

#24 I asked the groomer to give my fluffy cat a wash and a “sanitary cut”. I got back a lion cub.

Source: u/HeyT00ts11

#25 I haven’t been grooming long but this guy was my first bath client. Came in for the first time at 7 months old and the alligator rolled at the sound of the dryer and hated being on the lead. Today he finally got his first haircut and it was an absolute dream.

Source: u/LadySif6030

#26 Before and afters! This little fluff went to the groomers today for the first time! #blast #haircut #pampered

Source: u/jadaniels1116

#27 Puppy’s first haircut. Echo was the sweetest, most perfectly desensitized babe ever. 4+ inches of hair and not a SINGLE mat. Not one. His owners are doing a great job.

Source: u/kkc126

Do you have any plan or idea on giving your little furballs a special creative haircut? If you do, please don’t hesitate to tell us by commenting in the section below! In case you wish for more people to join in the trend, please hit the like-share button and share your pets’ pics with us!

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