15 Celebs Who Have Weird And Quirky Hobbies

Celebrities are a different species in many ways, but they are occasionally just like the rest of us. In their spare time, they enjoy doing something purely recreational.
So, whether you enjoy making hand-crafted snow globes or collecting riding unicycles, there's bound to be a celebrity you can relate to. You never know, you might even be motivated to attempt something new on your next free Sunday.
We dug deep and gathered the most unusual, bizarre, and strangely wholesome celebrity interests that were absolutely unexpected.
Here you will find all of the strange hobbies, abilities, and interests that celebrities pursue when they are not walking the red carpet. Find out if you and your favorite famous person have an oddly specific interest in a certain collectible.

#1 Leslie Mann

Source: lesliemann

Riding a bike is a very common pastime. Not so much on a unicycle. Leslie Mann began riding a unicycle at the age of ten and taught herself how to operate it. She once told O magazine that she is capable of "doing all kinds of feats, like riding backwards and jumping off curbs." Leslie, you have some serious core strength!

#2 Tom Hanks

Source: tomhanks

Tom Hanks might be our guy if we're looking for a celeb with an extremely mellow and kind of delightfully nerdy interest. Tom collects ancient typewriters and claims to have over 250 of them, most of which are still in functional shape. We're dying to discover how 250 typewriters would be stored or displayed! Please send us a video of the house tour.

#3 Seth Rogen

Source: sethrogen

We all know that Seth Rogen's main interest is getting stoned, but he's also started producing ceramics. Does his new ceramic hobby include manufacturing ashtrays and other smoking accessories? Yes, of course it does!

#4 Taylor Swift

Source: taylorswift

Anyone who follows Taylor Swift on social media is aware of her crafty and domestic side, which includes baking cookies for fans and participating in group craft projects with some of her celebrity pals. Making handcrafted snow globes to offer as Christmas gifts appears to be one of her projects.

#5 Beyoncé

Source: beyonce

Everyone knows Beyoncé is the Queen Bee, but who knew she was literally the Queen Bee? Beyoncé said that she keeps bees in a 2020 interview with British Vogue, saying that she (and, presumably, her team) has more than 80,000 bees and that her hives produce hundreds of jars of honey per year. Sweet!

#6 Rod Stewart

Source: sirrodstewart

The train has arrived! Rod Stewart, a British singer, has apparently been working on an epic model railway for over 20 years. His recreation of a US city includes buildings, a river, and even a running power plant. He's appeared on the cover of Railway Modeller magazine, which is a real thing.

#7 Susan Sarandon

Source: susansarandon

Susan Sarandon, an actress, is one of many who worked out how to make money from her interest. She is obsessed with ping pong — and not just playing it! She has been a minority owner of the Spin ping pong bar chain since 2009.

#8 Gordon Ramsay

Source: gordongram

While many celebrities have fitness interests, few are as serious as celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's. He's completed 15 marathons, five ultramarathons, and four of the tough Ironman triathlons. Good thing he has a good outlet for all the tension he accumulates when dealing with morons on his reality shows!

#9 Ed Sheeran

Source: teddysphotos

One of the latest fads in the United Kingdom appears to be "wild swimming," which is essentially a fancy way of expressing outdoor swimming in something other than a pool, such as a pond or a lake. Singer Ed Sheeran is believed to enjoy this odd hobby and even has a pond created on his property.

#10 Dominic Monaghan

Source: dom_monaghan_

Dominic Monaghan, a British actor and Lord of the Rings protagonist, adores animals – and not just adorable and cuddly ones! He has a collection of insects and reptiles, including a black widow spider and an albino snake. He even has a spider species named after him.

#11 Joe Manganiello

Source: joemanganiello

When we were younger, there were some misconceptions about the types of males who were big fans of Dungeons & Dragons. And, let's be honest, that stereotype did not include men who resembled Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello! He appears to be the leader of Hollywood's most exclusive D&D organization. Who knew such a thing existed?

#12 Rosario Dawson

Source: rosariodawson

Star Trek is one of the most popular science fiction series of all time, and its fans are known to be extremely dedicated, even acquiring the fake language of Klingon. Rosario Dawson has been known to drop a word or two in interviews, despite the fact that she does not profess to be fluent.

#13 Mike Tyson

Source: miketyson

Mike Tyson made a profession and gained fame with his fists, but he has a rather benign hobby: he raises racing pigeons. He is claimed to have liked birds since he was a child and to have kept them for many years. According to some sources, he once broke up with a girlfriend when she suggested cooking and eating one of his birds, which seems like a perfectly fair option for a man who has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in this hobby.

#14 Will Smith

Source: Pablo Cuadra/WireImage/Getty Images

So, to summarize. Will Smith is a rap artist. Will Smith is a talented actor. Will Smith has published a book. Of course, all of that is great, but we're particularly taken by the fact that he can solve a Rubik's Cube in under a minute.

#15 Angelina Jolie

Source: Rocco Spaziani/Archivio Spaziani/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Angelina Jolie has always had a sultry and low-key menacing atmosphere, even before she became a mother. In her early days of popularity, one of her hobbies was collecting daggers, which she supposedly began when she was just 11 years old! She also shared her hobby with her son Maddox, she told W magazine.
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