20 Celebrities Who Rocked The Oversized Trend

It goes without saying that oversized clothes have been everywhere in recent years and the motto seems to be “bigger is better”. From infamous baggy jeans, oversized sweatshirts, flannel shirts, and maxi skirts to exaggerated shoulder and super-sized sweats, the oversized has conquered the fashion world since 2020 and it definitely looks hot. And people don’t only wear them balanced with fitted clothes, oversized bottoms, fitted tops, and vice versa. They have drowned in oversized. That means tops, trousers, tees, jackets, coats, and shirts, everything gets a few sizes bigger.
From some points of view, the oversized outfit amazingly remains a oversized trend today. And to inspire your shopping ideas, we’d love to bring you 20 celebrities who rocked the oversizes stunninglynning way. Taking a look at these gorgeous oversized outfits on the list below, you might come up with new fashionable yours. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1 Emily Ratajkowski

Oversized Trend, Emily RatajkowskiSource: GETTY IMAGES

Emily Ratajkowshi wore oversized wide-leg pants and a boxy blazer with a cropped tee.

#2 Billie Eilish

Oversized Trend, Billie EilishSource: GETTY IMAGES

Billie Eilish glowed brightly in oversized blinding neon, even though she came prepared with shades.

#3 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Oversized Trend, Rosie Huntington-WhiteleySource: GETTY IMAGES

The Angel of Victoria's Secret wore loose-fitting longer-length pants in the color of shocking Fuschia pink.

#4 Camila Cabello

Oversized Trend, Camila CabelloSource: GETTY IMAGES

The famous singer wore an oversized tie-dye hoodie when took a walk with her ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

#5 Hailey Bieber

Oversized Trend, Hailey BieberSource: GETTY IMAGES

Hailey Bieber was in an oversized collegiate-style sweatshirt, paired with slouchy patent leather pants and a blazer.

#6 Katie Holmes

Oversized Trend,Katie HolmesSource: GETTY IMAGES

Katie Holmes rocked a pair of super wide-leg, belted trousers with her monochromatic pink look.

#7 Kylie Jenner

Oversized Trend, Kylie JennerSource: GETTY IMAGES

Kylie Jenner made couture-chic look easy in an oversized top and pleated-pant set on the red carpet.

#8 Tessa Thompson

Oversized Trend, Tessa ThompsonSource: GETTY IMAGES

Tessa Thompson was inspiring an oversized denim and shearling coat.

#9 Jennifer Lopez

Oversized Trend, Jennifer LopezSource: GETTY IMAGES

Jennifer was on board with an oversized sweatsuit. She made even a basic grey sweatsuit look stylish.

#10 Celine Dion

Oversized Trend, Celine DionSource: GETTY IMAGES

Celine Dion wore oversized everything.

#11 Rosalia

Oversized Trend, RosaliaSource: GETTY IMAGES

Rosalia really knows how to work on an oversized blazer. She wore an oversized blazer and all-over polka-dot print.

#12 Tracee Ellis Ross

Oversized Trend, Tracee Ellis RossSource: GETTY IMAGES

Tracee Ross was in an oversized pants suit.

#13 Rihanna

Oversized Trend, RihannaSource: GETTY IMAGES

The famous singer wore an oversized blazer with a slip skirt and inspired all our skirt-suit dreams.

#14 Jill Soloway

Oversized TrendSource: GETTY IMAGES

Jill Soloway nailed the oversized trend with an oversized monochromatic suit.

#15 Ciara

Oversized Trend, CiaraSource: GETTY IMAGES

Ciara wore an oversized tux-style blazer with slim-fitting pants and sleek, side-swept hair.

#16 Halsey

Oversized Trend, HalseySource: GETTY IMAGES

Halsey mixed proportions for an outfit that's somehow perfectly balanced with a cropped top and oversized, voluminous ballgown skirt.

#17 Yara Shahidi

Oversized Trend, Yara ShahidiSource: GETTY IMAGES

Yara Shahidi wore oversized wide-leg jeans.

#18 Zoey Deutch

Oversized Trend, Zoey DeutchSource: GETTY IMAGES

Zoey Deutch rocked an oversized belted jacket with an all-over print.

#19 Lady Gaga

Oversized Trend, Lady GagaSource: GETTY IMAGES

Lady Gaga went for oversized everything in head-to-toe leopard print.

#20 Maya Rudolph

Oversized Trend, Maya RudolphSource: GETTY IMAGES

Maya Rudolph surely missed the mark when she stepped out in this oversized floral dress.
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