The Worst Excuses Celebs Have Used After Being Arrested On Drugs Charge

Drug abuse wreaks havoc on people's lives, affecting their relationships, careers, and overall mental, emotional, and physical health. But why aren't famous people immune to the allure of drugs? Although not all actors have used drugs, an abundance of money and the intense pressure of their highly visible work sometimes push performers into this road. And they also know that their careers have paid the ultimate toll. Whether they were actors or other well-known personalities, addiction swiftly destroyed their careers.
Therefore, when celebrities are caught with illicit substances, they attempted to think of a decent excuse for their actions. Some of them try to keep a straight face while boldly lying to a police officer, others gave extremely nonsense reasons like holding someone's purse by mistake or relieving grief over the death of the dog,...
Well, there's a long list of the worst excuses celebs used after being caught with drugs. Scroll down to see and tell us your opinions!

#1 Jimi Hendrix blamed Canadian police for setting him up

Source: Jimi Hendrix / YouTube

At the Toronto International Airport in May 1969, Canadian officials found a bottle containing six packets of what appeared to be a controlled substance as Jimi Hendrix was going through customs. The renowned singer-guitarist was ultimately taken into custody. Hendrix and his attorneys argued that Canadian police falsely accused the musician and put the bottle on him. Hendrix was ultimately declared not guilty and cleared of all charges by a jury in December 1969.

#2 George Michael was "a terrible driver"

Source: George Michael / YouTube

In February 2006, George Michael was slumped over in his car in February 2006. He wasn't drunk, but the police discovered that he was in possession of marijuana and an anti-sleep drug generally recommended for narcolepsy. He crashed into three parked cars in April of the same year and told police he was "a terrible driver." In October 2006 and July 2010, he crashed into a store and was once more discovered unconscious in his vehicle. He received an eight-week prison term and a five-year license suspension.

#3 Paris Hilton told police the purse containing illicit substances wasn't hers

Source: Veronica Mars/Warner Bros. Television

In August 2010, police stopped Paris Hilton and her ex-boyfriend Cy Waits because they suspected they could smell marijuana coming from the car. Waits was detained after failing the roadside sobriety test. When Hilton was looking for lip balm in her purse, she unintentionally dropped a bag of illegal drugs. She said that she had borrowed the bag from a friend and thought the bag of coke was gum. After being detained for lying, Hilton subsequently admitted to misdemeanor possession and obstructing an officer. She was placed on probation for a year.

#4 Jerry Hall grabbed another person's box

Source: Batman/Warner Bros

In January 1987, Jerry Hall, a model and longtime partner of Mick Jagger, was accused of having 20 pounds of marijuana in his hands. Allegedly, Hall asked her butler to bring some of her personal possessions from Barbados to Mustique Island. She was expecting to find "a sweater, music cassettes, a camera and a book" when she opened the package at the airport. In February of the same year, she was cleared of all charges.

#5 Tatum O'Neal needed crack because her dog died

Source: God's Not Dead: A Light In The Darkness/Pure Flix Entertainment

Tatum O'Neal battled addiction from a young age, she had been making progress and maintaining her sobriety. She was stopped by police, nevertheless, in June 2008 when she tried to buy crack. She allegedly questioned the officer whether he recognized her before adamantly stating the sale was research for a movie part. When she appeared in court, O'Neal thanked the police for saving her and insisted that the passing of her 16-year-old dog had triggered her. Later, she admitted to engaging in disorderly behavior, and a two-half-day treatment program was mandated.

#6 Boy George refused substances found in his home

Source: Boy Geroge VEVO/YouTube

Late in 2005, singer Boy George reported an attempted break-in at his Manhattan home. When police found a small amount of coke near a computer, George insisted it wasn't his. According to reports, police discovered it on the table and a larger stockpile inside the house. His counsel alleged, "Boy George doesn't know where [they] are from. He's a very social person. He has a lot of people over to his apartment." The singer was accused of making a false report and possession. He was given community service and counseling as punishment.

#7 Nicole Richie was self-medicating for menstrual cramps

Source: Great News/NBC

On December 11, 2006, early in the morning, drivers on the 134 Freeway in Burbank, California, reported seeing a black Mercedes-Benz driving against the flow of traffic. When the cops arrived, Nicole Richie was caught chatting on her phone in her car. She also admitted to taking Vicodin and using cannabis prior to her arrest for driving under the influence. Later, she claimed that she had taken the medication to ease menstruation cramps. She was given a 96-hour prison term, yet she barely spent 82 minutes in jail.

#8 Amanda Bynes threw a 'vase' out the window

Source: Hairspray/New Line Cinema

In May 2013, a building doorman reported Amanda Bynes was acting erratically in the lobby to New York City police. When police arrived at the home and unlocked it, they could smell marijuana. They also spotted a water pipe inside the apartment, prompting Bynes to throw it out the window of her 36th-floor flat. When Bynes was detained, she insisted the contraption was merely a vase in her house. She was accused of endangering others recklessly, having a controlled narcotic in her possession, and tampering with evidence. After Bynes kept out of trouble for six months, the charges were dropped.

#9 Lindsay Lohan said she was wearing someone else’s pants

Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in July 2007 after police were alerted to a verbal altercation involving her and another woman. Before cornering the woman in the Santa Monica Civic Center parking lot and screaming at her, Lohan had been following the woman. For driving while intoxicated, Lohan was detained. Police searched Lohan and discovered illegal drugs in her pocket. She insisted the pants did not belong to her and that it was not hers.

#10 Charlie Sheen's Meltdown was an allergic reaction to medication

Source: Anger Management / 20th Television

In October 2010, Charlie Sheen was found undressed and intoxicated in a New York City hotel room. The furniture in the room was strewn about, and the chandelier was damaged when police arrived. Sheen's behavior was blamed on an allergic reaction to prescription medication, but many outlets reported he admitted to snorting something when police arrested him.

#11 Sylvester Stallone had lots of human growth hormone for a medical condition

Source: The Expendables/Lionsgate

Sylvester Stallone was detained for having over 50 dosages of human growth hormone in Australia in May 2007. Later, the actor said that he "just didn't understand" the laws and that he had been given the hormone Jintropin for an undisclosed condition. It is typically administered for children with growth retardation or hormone deficiencies. Police, however, saw Stallone hurl four vials of the chemical out of his flat window after the finding by airport customs. In addition, he lacked a prescription.
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