20 Internet Trolls Who Harass Celebs, Got Destroyed By The Replies Instead

Social media is a great place for celebrities to connect with their fans and build their brands. You probably follow many of your favorite celebs if you have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or TikTok account. You may enjoy Jon Stewart's witty social commentary or Wiz Khalifa's wise advice. These celebs keep you entertained constantly, which is why their social media accounts are so popular. Successful celebrities are experts at using social media platforms to grow their businesses and keep their identities fresh.
Not every contact is, of course, positive. Some celebrities on social media have to deal with trolls on a daily basis. This is quite annoying for both the stars and their fans. Trolls on the internet will do and say anything to get a rise out of someone, even if it is cruel, misinformed, or plain malicious. Below is a list of celebrities that have had enough and have violently lashed back at the internet trolls; vote for your favorites!

#1 Shaq Did It Again with the Smackdown

Source: u/Iangator / Reddit

#2 Ariana Grande Satisfying Reply to a Hater

Source: @arianagrande / Flickr

#3 Lindsey Jordan of Snail Mail Fires Back When Trolls Criticize Her Guitar Dkills

Source: Reddit / Flickr

#4 100% Chance Of Stealing Your Girl

Source: @annakendrick47

#5 Chrissy's daughter doesn't mind, unlike the troll

Source: @chrissyteigan

#6 Haters Terminated

Source: @KyleThatKyle

#7 When Cardi B's Hater Becomes a Bucket Of Disappointment

Source: @iamcardib

#8 Kasey Musgraves Isn't Here for Haters

Source: @spaceykacey

#9 Haters Need to Read the Book of Parenting

Source: @shaymitchell

#10 Troll Got What They Deserve When Commented on Rihanna's Forehead

Source: @badgalriri

#11 Like You Are the One Who Can Decide Chrissy's Hair Style

Source: @chrissyteigen

#12 Hope You Like Being Left Alone in a Hotel Room

Source: @justinbieber

#13 Halsey Destroyed a Hater That Commented About Her Appearance

Source: @halsey / Wikimedia Commons

#14 Just Don't Look if You Don't Want to

Source: @busyphilipps

#15 Paris Doesn't Need no Sugar Daddy Because She Is One

Source: @commentsbycelebs

#16 Hillary Destroyed a New York Times Opinion's comment for disregarding women

Source: Reddit

#17 Ireland Is Praying for Her Haters

Source: @commentsbycelebs

#18 The Troll Probably Got Knocked Out by Her Boobs

Source: @marenmorris

#19 This Battle Between Elon And Bernie

Source: @berniesanders

#20 Sarah Hyland Is Indeed Aiming for the Obnoxious Awards

Source: @commentsbycelebs

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