10 Actors Whose Wonderful Performances Hiding In Bad Movies

Sometimes, quality acting doesn’t necessarily exist in a decent movie surrounding it to shine and there are some cases where we’ve seen impressive performances hidden away in bad movies. For actors, taking part in a disappointing movie isn’t absolutely a pleasant experience but they can stand out and their performances stick in viewers’ minds.
Do you still remember Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the movie “Suicide Squad”? The movie is considered one of the worst blockbusters in 2016, David Ayer’s movie was met with unanimous damnation from the critical community. Despite its negative review, viewers have bestowed praise on Margot Robbie because of her performance.
Keep scrolling down to see secretly brilliant performances in awful movies.

#1 Philip Seymour Hoffman – Along Came Polly (2004)

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Talented actor Philip Seymour Hoffman took on the role of Sandy Lyle in the movie “Along Came Polly”. Despite the failure of the movie, Hoffman received a lot of praise. The actor delivered a coruscating comic turn.

#2 Tom Hanks – The Ladykillers (2004)

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In fact, “The Ladykillers” is so bad that makes Hanks shine even more. He cracked up with Professor G.H. Dorr’s breathy laugh and offered the physicality of a silent film actor.

#3 James McAvoy – Split (2016)

Source: John Baer

“Split” is a 2016 American psychological thriller film, starring James McAvoy as a man with a dissociative identity disorder. When the movie was released, critics show plenty of issues. However, Jame McAvoy’s performance wasn’t one of them. Playing eight characters isn’t easy.

#4 Kristen Stewart – American Ultra (2015)

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American Ultra was a misfire that never lives up to its larger-than-life premise. However, Kristen Stewart’s performance is only a bright spot. She portrayed the girlfriend and handler of Jesse Eisenberg’s amnesiac government sleeper agent.

#5 Peter Dinklage – Pixels (2015)

Source: IMDb

It seems that there is nothing good to say about “Pixels” except Peter Dinklage’s performance. Peter Dinklage’s hilarious character in ‘Pixels' was inspired by a video-game legend who held world records iPac-Manan and Donkey Kong.

#6 Thomas Haden Church – Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Source: Reddit

Spider-Man 3 is a 2007 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, starring Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko/ Sandman. The movie’s only sincere pathos comes from the actor, who manages to somehow survive the carnage with his head held high.

#7 John C Reilly – Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Source: Vince Valitutti

Although “Kong: Skull Island” starred some famous actors like Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and Samuel L. Jackson, it was a major disappointment. The disappointment didn’t include John C Reilly’s performance. The actor played a WWII pilot stranded on Skull Island after his plane was shot down.

#8 Leonardo DiCaprio – The Great Gatsby (2013)

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“The Great Gatsby” failed to meet expectations. Tobey Maguire was a drab Nick Carraway and the brilliant Caray Mulligan underwhelmed as Daisy Buchannan. Fortunately, Leonardo DiCaprio who took on the role of Gatsby struck the balance of insecurity.

#9 Margot Robbie – Suicide Squad (2016)

Source: Warner Bros

Suicide Squad (2016) received negative feedback from critics and film buffs. Although most of the reviews were not good, Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn heaped praise on her performance.

#10 Uma Thurman – Batman and Robin (1997)


Uma Thurman took on the role of fern Fatale Poison Ivy which performed enjoyable camp extremity. To quote Janet Maslin in her contemporaneous review for the New York Times: "As played by Uma Thurman, Poison Ivy is perfect, flaunting great looks, a mocking attitude, and madly flamboyant disguises. Like Mae West, she mixes true femininity with the winking womanliness of a drag queen”.
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