15 Celebs Share Their Near-Death Experiences, And They Tug At Our Heartstrings

Celebrities are frequently seen as extraordinary people, yet they are not immune to the hazards of life. True! You may be wealthy and famous, but neither of these things will make you immortal. From Travis Barker to Isla Fisher, the most famous celebrities have all tip-toed the line between life and death. However, unlike others who are often afraid to talk about their near-death experiences, they are brave enough to share them. The 15 celebrities on this list have publicly discussed their life-changing, terrifying events, and the majority of them claim that what occurred to them impacted their view on life forever! Here we have all you need. Scroll down for more detail!

#1 Gloria Estefan

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Gloria Estefan, like other singers, is no stranger to life on the road, as she travels the world entertaining fans. Unfortunately, the singer's 1990 tour ended in tragedy. During a particularly harsh blizzard in March of that year, Estefan's tour bus was hit by a semi-truck. Estefan survived, but the accident broke her back, necessitating immediate medical attention.

#2 Salma Hayek

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The 54-year-old Oscar winner told Variety about her near-fatal struggle with the virus early in the epidemic, claiming she spent around seven weeks secluded in a room of the UK house she lives with her husband, Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, 58, and their 13-year-old daughter, Valentina. “My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because it was so bad,” Hayek told the publication via Zoom call. “I said, ‘No, thank you. I’d rather die at home.’” Fortunately, she recovered, though she stated that even a year later, she was still not back to her previous energy level.

#3 Harrison Ford

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Ford, an enthusiastic flier, was flying his World War II-era single-engine plane on March 5, 2015. He began having engine troubles shortly after launch. The crash landing left him with "severe injuries," according to official reports, but according to recent sources, Ford's recuperation is progressing better than predicted. Frank Marshall, a producer for the Indiana Jones films, commented on the event, saying, "He made an incredible landing, to his credit." After all, he is Indiana Jones."

#4 Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone had a typical near-death experience, replete with an out-of-body experience and glimpses of old acquaintances who had died before her. All of this was triggered by a potentially fatal brain hemorrhage she suffered in 2001.

#5 Orlando Bloom

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Orlando Bloom, aged 21, jumped from a three-story roof and injured his back in 1998. As a result, he was informed he would never be able to walk again. He still has a huge scar from the screws and plates that were used to brace his spine. "It has not prevented me from doing anything." "But it's a constant reminder," he explains.

#6 Lamar Odom

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Lamar Odom, an NBA player and former Kardashian in-law, was discovered unconscious and unresponsive in a Nevada brothel in 2015. Odom, who had been struggling with heroin addiction for some years, had finally overdosed, and it appeared like he wouldn't survive. However, he finally recovered and sought therapy.

#7 Tracy Morgan

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Morgan's limo was rear-ended by a tractor trailer while driving along the New Jersey Turnpike in June of 2014. James McNair, a comedy writer and close friend of Morgan's, was killed in the crash. Morgan was seriously injured in the incident and is still healing to this day.

#8 Travis Barker

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Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink-182, survived a catastrophic private plane crash in 2008 that killed two pilots, his security guard, and his assistant. He received burns on 65 percent of his body and didn't fly again until 2021, owing to severe nervousness brought on by the understandable stress of the incident.

#9 Zac Efron

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In 2019, Zac Efron was filming a documentary series called Killing Zac Efron when he became ill with a potentially fatal bacterial illness and had to be airlifted from Papua New Guinea to Australia for treatment. Thankfully, he has fully healed and is back on his travels.

#10 Emilia Clarke

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Emilia Clarke was fresh off the set of Game of Thrones' first season when tragedy struck: she suffered a brain aneurysm. After that, she had surgery and returned to her high-profile job. However, after filming the third season of Game of Thrones a few years later, she had another aneurysm. Though Clarke's health eventually improved, she admits that she experienced considerable anxiety during this period of her life.

#11 50 Cent

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A would-be killer once shot him nine times in the hand, arms, hips, legs, chest, and face. He was in the hospital for 13 weeks and used the event to inspire the album and film Get Rich Or Die Tryin.

#12 Martin Lawrence

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Martin Lawrence, another well-known comedian, nearly died in 1999 after suffering from severe heat stroke. He is claimed to have been out on work wearing numerous layers of heavy clothing in an attempt to drop weight for an upcoming role. At the time of the incident, it is said he had a temperature of 107.

#13 Isla Fisher

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Isla Fisher was doing a stunt during the filming of Now You See Me in which she had to attempt to escape from shackles while immersed in a translucent tank of water. The script called for her to panic and knock on the glass as her character became concerned, so when her chains were entangled in her outfit and she became caught, the rest of the crew had no idea.

#14 Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time, but he's had a difficult few years following his controversial divorce and revelations about his personal life. That bad trend continued in 2021, when he was critically hurt in a car accident caused by him driving too quickly and colliding with a tree.

#15 Rachel Bilson

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Rachel Bilson, a stunning young actress, was 14 years old when she was nearly killed in a tragic vehicle accident. She claimed at the time that she died and was resurrected. The vehicle's window is believed to have crashed on her head.
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