15 Magical Disney Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

No matter what our age is, thinking back on who we were in the past is a crucial part of growing up. Some people might do that by playing their favorite old music, while others might watch their favorite Movies or TV episodes. For many of us, those are Disney originals. Its films almost define childhood, bringing us to "whole new worlds" and encouraging us to never give up on our dreams.
There are numerous ways for us to show how much we love Disney as fans. One of them is having a tattoo. Disney tattoos are a fantastic way to keep your inner child alive and carry your favorite characters with you at all times. A wide variety of Disney designs are available, ranging from simple Mickey outlines to sophisticated full-color back pieces. There is a Disney tattoo out there for everyone, whether you like princesses, fantastical creatures, talking animals, or fairy tales.
We have gathered 15 magical Disney designs that will inspire your next tattoo. Let’s explore!

#1 A Disney Dream Castle

Source: @tattoosbytonigwilliam

#2 Pooh And Friends

Source: @nikkirex

#3 Hakuna Matata

Source: @kirstyrich1

#4 Snow White

Source: @maddtatterz

#5 Mickey's Signature Accessories

Source: @luel_kim

#6 A Magical Disney Collage

Source: @srtpeter

#7 Cinderella castle

Source: @daniellers63

#8 Peter Pan

Source: @serenitytattoo

#9 The Aristocats

Source: @kawaii_tattoo

#10 Pocahontas

Source: @kieferdarkmattertattoo

#11 Minnie Mouse Bow

Source: @yumyum_06



#13 Beauty and the Beast

Source: @ainhoa_ink

#14 Mickey and Minnie

Source: @samboneskee

#15 Alice In Wonderland

Source: @ossett_tattoo_co

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