15 Disney World "Secrets" From Former Cast Members

Among the happiest locations on Earth, Disney World is well known. When you visit Disney World, this magical place expects you to feel completely happy and enjoyable with its activities, food, music, and so on! Even though it is expensive and exhausting, you are guaranteed to have a great day. But do you know that Disney World hides several secrets? There are many of them that were revealed by former cast members.
For some people, the desire to work at Disney World from childhood never disappears. So, even if it's just a brief college job, they cherish the experience for the rest of their lives once they get their dream job. And they discovered that the Disney employee handbook contains strict rules for acceptable behavior. Luckily for us, after the task is over, many Disney employees have gone to the Internet and released details about the Disney World secrets that the theme park would prefer to keep secret.
Here are the 15 most surprising claims that a former cast member has made about Disney World secrets.

#1 There Are No Sad Kids At Disney

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Because crying children in parks don't make for good advertising, every Disney World employee may use the No Sad Kids policy to cheer up a kid. This may be as simple as providing them with new ice cream, or they could offer a Doc McStuffins toy that the child can keep to help them kiss their wounds better.

#2 Cast members aren’t allowed visible body modifications

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Disney employees, as you can expect, are required to adhere to a specific set of standards regarding their appearance. All of this is done to prevent park visitors from leaving the atmosphere. Cast members are actors playing characters, therefore you have to dress for the role.
Disney employees must not change their bodies in any way. They are not permitted to get any tattoos, piercings, or other physical alterations.

#3 If you play a character, you have to eat, sleep, and breathe that character

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Cast members who wear costumes are required to devote a lot of time to their roles and are expected to be able to copy their voices, gestures, and signature.
Several actors take on the role of Mickey, and they are all required to perform in the same manner. Because, after all, there's only one Mickey.

#4 You Can’t Talk About Your Job Online

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Any corporation has a policy against employees complaining about their jobs online, but Disney has one that is more strict if the employee is a character.
And taking photos backstage is definitely not permitted. No images of Aladdin texting exist. No headless Mickey here. There are no images of the parade's prepared equipment.

#5 We Aren’t Allowed To Point The Finger

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There are two reasons for this: 1) Pointing with one finger is considered rude in some cultures and Disney has visitors from all around the world. 2) These methods are easier to see.

#6 Even our fingernails have to adhere to the Disney Look

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While we're talking about cast members' hands, there are particular guidelines for fingernails. All fingernails must be trimmed and tidy. The length of a woman's fingernails is limited to 14 of an inch, and men are not permitted to have nail polish on their fingernails.

#7 Facial Hair Must Be Very Neat

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Facial hair is strictly prohibited at Disney. Male cast members were not permitted to grow beards until 2012, although even then, they must have a full beard or mustache that is kept well-trimmed.
It cannot be shaped, colored, or ornamented either.

#8 Cast Members Can Only Wear Specific Glasses

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All eyewear, including glasses on prescription, must pass the Disney examination. They must be a classic color and shape and cannot include logos or branding.
The only additional requirement for sunglasses is that guests must be able to see a cast member's eyes through the lens in order to enable clear conversation.

#9 There’s A Disney University

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Every cast member is required to take the Traditions course at Disney University. They get knowledge about Disney's past, the parks, their part in the operation, and how to keep the enchantment alive.
Additionally, it should be mentioned that certain students majoring in hospitality and management may earn college credits by taking additional courses at Disney University.

#10 Disney Employees Kinda Have Their Language

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Cast members use a variety of code terms to hide the backstage goings-on from the audience and keep the play operating smoothly.
For example, they might come up with acronyms for parades so that they can discuss MiSiCi (Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!) without giving guests a spoiler, or they might refer to vomit as "Code V" or "Protein Spill" so that nobody loses their appetite for lunch.

#11 Disney Has Some Pretty Strict Hair Rules

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The requirements go a little bit further than just requiring cast members' hair to be perfectly done. Male cast members may either shave their heads or maintain a haircut that goes past their shirt collar and ears. It is strictly forbidden to use any extensive styling or artificial color.

#12 There are hidden tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom

Source: Thomas Bresson / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

The Magic Kingdom has a network of tunnels underneath it, allowing for the storage of everything that must be kept backstage to maintain the park's atmosphere.
According to Disney legend, this started when Walt noticed a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland, which drew guests out of the moment.

#13 It’s A Small World

Characters in the Disney Universe are extremely closed off and have little knowledge of the outside world. Neither Belle nor Cinderella has read Harry Potter or worn Jimmy Choos. If you inquire, the actors who are portraying the characters are expected to "preserve the magical atmosphere," therefore they will likely respond that they "haven't heard of it."
When guests quiz us about Beyonce or NASCAR, it might be amusing to see how committed you are.

#14 Call Us By Our First Names

Source: Eviatar Bach / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Even though it may be normal today, merely addressing employees by their first names was uncommon in 1955. Why is that? Disney would correct anyone who called him Mr. Disney, preferring to be called Walt instead.
The fact that cast members must use a nickname (Eliza, Lizzy, Liz, Beth) or their middle name instead of their full name does present some issues, though.

#15 They Know - They Always Know

Cast members are always required to be knowledgeable, whether it's about odd Disney facts, where the closest restroom is located, or the timing of a parade. If they don't know the solution, they must find a different cast member who does. They can't admit they don't know when a visitor asks them about Disney random things.
On a slightly unrelated note, when you're in a show or on a ride, there are employees in the control rooms that use night vision cameras to monitor guests for safety.
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