20 Oldest Celebrities That You Still Find Attractive

Age is just a number. If you want to prove it, look at some old celebrities like Burt Bacharach, Estelle Harris, George Clooney, David Attenborough, and so on. They include actors, singers, composers, and even heads of state. Some have embraced aging, and some have made others admire their talents and performances. No matter what they do, they have shared some words of wisdom or inspired others through their work along the way.
A lot of people don’t lose this charm as they get older, although the wealthy admittedly have an advantage with makeup and plastic surgery. Plenty of celebrities seem to improve with age, and fortunately, some of them are famous enough that we can enjoy their beauty.
We’ve rounded up some names on Reddit and they are still handsome, gorgeous, and exceptionally attractive.

#1 Viggo Mortensen

Source: viggo.mortensen.fanpage

It's the numenorean blood in his veins keeping him young. (awaythrow810)
I've been in a movie with him and he said 'Good evening' to me and oh yeah he is handsome in person. (jim_deneke)

#2 Jane Seymour

Source: janeseymour

She'll always be in my mind as Elise McKenna, the woman so beautiful that Christopher Reeve's character went back to be with her in Somewhere in Time. I totally get the desire. (pcserenity)
Seriously, she is one of those people who gets more beautiful with age. I don't know what it is. (CaptainTryk)
I fell in love with her because of that Benji movie she was in. Was it "For The Love of Benji?" Chevy Chase was in it with her. (Baby_Batter_Pancakes)

#2 Cassandra Peterson

Source: John Sciulli

Just turned 70 and still pulls herself together physically and breaks out that amazing personality at every appearance. (darkoath)
I met her 4 years ago, and couldn't believe she was 66! She was so sweet and kind! My friend Cosplayed as Elvira, and Cassandra reposted her photos on her accounts. She's a lovely person. (Jef_Wheaton)

#4 Susanna Hoffs


She looks 35 years old. (antitutkal)
She is my first crush, and she still looks amazing. (OrwellianZinn)
Saw The Bangles on her 50th birthday and she was top-notch fine back then. (PurpleSailor)
She was my first crush. As a child, I used to watch MTV for hours just for that moment when she cut her eyes in the "Walk Like an Egyptian" video. (3lon_Mu5k)

#5 Bruce Campbell

Source: shemp_malone

Bruce Campbell at 64. Hail to the king, baby! (JeanShinari)
The picture of him in a Campbell tartan kilt and a claymore - be still my heart! (CartoonistExisting30)
His cameo in Dr. Strange was fun and unexpected. (fuzzy11287)

#6 Timothy Olyphant

Source: Jon Kopaloff

He's so funny, charming, and handsome that I don't care how much older than me he is. (throwaway-getaway122)
I do NOT get tired of watching him; he is so expressive. In "Catch and Release" there's a scene where he and Jennifer Garner are having a conversation that consists entirely of gestures and facial expressions. (BugsRatty)

#7 Marisa Tomei

Source: marisatomei

I was so confused watching the new Spider-Man movies with Marisa as Aunt May. Marisa Tomei is perpetually the hot 80s chick in my head, also Jennifer Connelly. I was watching Morbius and seeing Requiem for a Dream and Career Opportunities. (Forge64)

#8 Mads Mikkelsen

Source: theofficialmads

He was so damn fine throughout that entire show. Those cooking scenes were just perfect. (DazzledDog)
I love that guy. Death Stranding nailed how he can come through a medium without much hassle. (This_User_Said)

#9 Stanley Tucci

Source: stanleytucci

Stanley Tucci. As my mom says about handsome men, he just looks like he smells good. (vonye25)
Loving his show where he's traveling to Italy eating and drinking and wearing lovely clothes. (RebaKitten)
I don’t know anything about the guy, but that someone gave him a show where he traverses Italy drinking and wearing lovey clothes implies this guy is operating on another level above even our most transcendent gents. (leftyghost)

#10 Julie Andrews

Source: julieandrews

She’s still gorgeous. And an all-around wonderful woman to boot. (phillysleuther)

#11 Michelle Yeoh

Source: michelleyeoh_official

She's so fine there's no telling where the money went. (im_dead_sirius)
It was a fun watch but for me, the 5D mahjong she played in Crazy Rich Asians will always be the dragon. (dumbwaeguk)

#12 Jeff Bridges

Source: Wikipedia

I can’t believe I had to scroll so far to see this. He’s so damn handsome, and I am unbelievably beautiful in King Kong. (airbagfailure)

#13 Monica Bellucci

Source: cartier

My husband is one of those guys who doesn't remember famous people's names, except for Monica Bellucci. (whiskers)

I can’t think of a hotter character than her as Persephone in the Matrix Reloaded. I had to rewatch those scenes to absorb the plot because every scene she was in was too distracting. (chronoboy1985)

#14 Pierce Brosnan

Source: piercebrosnanofficial

Pierce looked so good in Eurovision. I swear he's more handsome with age. (vickipaperclips)
Pierce Brosnan defined the word “sexy” for me when I was like 7 watching Remington Steele with my mom. 37 years later, he pretty much still sets the bar. (mouse_attack)

#15 Christopher Plummer

Source: Wikipedia

I first saw ‘The Sound of Music’ as a child, watched it many times, know it off by heart, etc. I didn’t watch it for many years, then as an adult I wanted to introduce a friend’s kid to it, put it on, and spent the next couple of hours absolutely dumbstruck by how hot Christopher Plummer was. It had never struck me before that time but goddamn have I never forgotten. No wonder Maria chose the Captain, if I had to choose between him and God I know who my pick would be. (niconiconeko)

#16 Helen Mirren

Source: helenmirren

77 years old and I would not kick her out of bed. She has a supernatural radiance about her that's absolutely hypnotic. (MCDexX)
She has an undeniable sensuality about her and always will. (NormiMalone)

#17 Colin Firth

Source: fandom

He was one of my first crushes. Seeing him in Pride and Prejudice when I was in elementary school. (Bern_After_Reading85)
He is the best part of the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini series. (irrational_design)

#18 Michelle Pfeiffer

Source: michellepfeifferofficial

She's so pretty in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Looks every day of her age but carries it beautifully. (MCDexX)

#19 Elizabeth Hurley

Source: elizabethhurley1

He is one of my first celeb crushes when he was in raiders. (Straight-Nerve-5101)
He’s been hot literally his entire life. (LizzyLizAh)

#20 Emma Thompson

Source: Sebastian Reuter

Emma Thompson has been my celebrity crush since like 1993. (MadWhiskeyGrin)
She’s quite charming in her new movie about getting with a young male escort. (Pleather_Boots)
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