8 Great Movie Performances That Aren’t Worth Being Forgotten

Through the years, we’ve seen a huge number of movies that made big splashes over the world. Many actors and actresses give great performances that put them on the map and set them on the path of critical recognition and acclaim. Their career blossoms.
However, some are not lucky. Despite their perfect performances, they and their roles were forgotten. How are great performances is overlooked? Even some of them earned Oscar nominations or other prestigious awards. It has happened sometimes. Perhaps the films were released at a bad time, or audiences were not interested in the genre of movies.
Below are some outstanding performances that nobody talks about.

#1 Florence Pugh in “Lady Macbeth”

Source: Altitude Film Distribution

Florence Pugh plays the lead character in the film “Lady Macbeth”, based on a Russian novella. Despite being murderous, she is not a villain.

#2 Anton Yelchin in “Like Crazy”

Source: Paramount Vantage

In “Like Crazy”, Yelchin portrayed Jacod, an American college student who falls in love with his classmate, Anna. You should watch the movie to see his acting talent.

#3 Tom Hardy in “Warrior”

Source: Lionsgate

Tom Hardy is an intense actor. He got the role of Tom Conlon, a hero soldier returning home to fight MMA. He received a lot of praise from criticals.

#4 Anna Kendrick in “Rocket Science”

Source: Picturehouse

In the comedy-drama film “Rocket Science”, Anna Kendrick played Ginny Ryerson, the ambitious and competitive star of the Plainsboro High School debate team.

#5 Phillip Seymour Hoffman in “Owning Mahowny”

Source: Sony Pictures Classics

“Owning Mahowny” features one of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s best performances as a gambling addict. How Hoffman manages to stay low-key while winning millions is awe-inspiring.

#6 Emily Blunt in “Edge of Tomorrow”

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

What Emily Blunt did in “Edge of Tomorrow” was so amazing. Rarely do women capture, action roles so gloriously. Emily Blunt earned herself the Best Action Actress for her performance in the movie.

#7 Eddie Murphy in “The Nutty Professor”


No one can deny Murphy’s talent. In the 1886 science fiction comedy film “The Nutty Professor”, he portrayed Sherman Klump, a kind-hearted university professor who is morbidly obese. He won the National Society of Film Critics Awards for Best Actor for this performance, but that too seems forgotten.

#8 Jennifer Jason Leigh in “Washington Square”

Source: Ron Batzdorff

Leigh gave an array of superb performances through the nineties. In the 1997 Washington Square, she played a wealthy spinster who fell in love, only to realize she had been duped.
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