20 Wildest Met Gala Red Carpet Fashion Looks Of All Time

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Unlike the Oscars or even the Grammys, the Met Gala red carpet is known as the place to inspire genius in a celebrity's red-carpet repertoire.
Each year, The Met Gala has different costume themes which guide celebs as they figure out what to wear on fashion's biggest night. Many outfits make the audience admire because they are so beautiful and impressive, but sometimes, weirder is wonderful. For example, Katy Perry's walking chandelier for 2019's Notes on Camp event made the public talk for a long time. Or in 2021, Kim Petras made her debut on the Met Gala red carpet in a Collina Strada dress starring a 3D horse head bustier and a dramatic, panniered skirt. Other times, weird looks are exactly strange, even offensive. But that's part of the fun of the Met Gala.
So, to honor the brave fashion souls who have dedicated themselves to fashion, we have a list of 20 20 wildest celebrity Met Gala looks of all time. Scroll down to see and let us know which one appeals to you the most!

#1 Katy Perry

Source: Getty Images

This outfit was inspired by Lumière from "Beauty and the Beast" vibes. It's wild but it's unforgettable, and we suspect that is exactly what Katy wanted at the 2019 Met Gala. And some people wonder that "how is she gonna sit down?"

#2 Rihanna

Source: Getty Images

For the 2015 Met Gala, Rihanna wore a bright yellow haute couture gown for the theme of "China: Through the Viewing Glass". The 55-pound outfit was made over the course of more than 20 months. And that train was all about the drama but can also double as a cover for a king-size bed!

#3 Lady Gaga

Source: fredericaspiras

Even while this Met Gala ensemble may seem subdued in comparison to Lady Gaga's famed meat dress, we also have to note two things. She is not wearing pants at a formal event, and she is sporting the tallest heels we have ever seen. Walking in those is a wild and athletic feat!

#4 Cardi B

Source: themetgalaofficial

Cardi B looks like a glammed-up hybrid of a bug and a bird in this 2019 outfit by designer Thom Browne. Cardi has shown she's not afraid to go above and beyond by wearing a gown that has sequins, feathers, ruffles, a corset, and a headpiece that resembles the most extravagant swim cap ever!

#5 Sarah Jessica Parker

Source: fashion_critic_

For the Met Gala, Sarah Jessica Parker never plays it safe. In 2018, her outfit featured a heavy gold dress and a major piece of architecture on her head, which was inspired by the year's theme, "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination."

#6 Lana Del Rey

Source: Getty Images

Here's a look that said, "Getting stabbed in the chest, but make it fashion!" and it really could only make sense as a 2018 Met Gala outfit. This Lana Del Rey outfit was created by Gucci and featured headgear inspired by ombré bird wings to give off an angelic vibe.

#7 Madonna

Source: Getty Images

For the 2016 Met Gala theme of "Fashion in the Age of Technology," Madonna's outfit featured leather, lace, jewelry, and lots of her bare butt. She described the look as a political statement against ageism. She said "The fact that people actually believe a woman is not allowed to express her sexuality and be adventurous past a certain age is proof that we still live in an ageist and sexist society."

#8 Naomi Campbell

Source: Richard Corkery/NY Daily News via Getty Images

People said that this outfit appears more appropriate for the red carpet of the MTV Video Awards than the Met Gala. But it becomes wild when we remember that the year's theme was a celebration of Jacqueline Kennedy's tenure in the White House.

#9 Frances McDormand

Source: frances.mcdormand

In this Valentino Couture outfit, Frances McDormand looked like the fanciest gift bag ever. It had a big headpiece that made it very evident that people attending the Met Gala most definitely don't have to drive themselves there.

#10 Iman

Source: the_real_iman

Iman can wear anything the hell she wants and she will make it work. When a hat the size of a dining room table top, we are really curious about how she went to the event.

#11 Janelle Monáe

Source: Getty Images

Working with stylist Alexandra Mandelkorn, Monáe was one of several to include a nod to Catholic iconography with a hat that formed a halo around her head and a silver head scarf. However, she revealed to Vanity Fair on the red carpet that her attire always has a purpose, regardless of the evening's theme. She said. “My black and white is meant to honor my working-class parents."

#12 Marc Jacobs

Source: themarcjacobs

Although the practically nude, transparent clothing trend has been overdone on red carpet occasions for years, it is still a little strange to see a man go for it in the way that designer Marc Jacobs did in 2012. We're not sure which is more striking, the bedazzled pilgrim shoes or the really plain white boxers he wore below.

#13 Solange Knowles

Source: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Variety

Solange Knowles' most outrageous Met Gala outfit is worth remembering. She had a pretty unique shell-like appearance, but the 3D design of this dress likely meant that she couldn't put her arms down all night.

#14 Rihanna

Source: badgalriri

Who else but Rihanna could create a look that's basically "Pope but make it sexy?" In this pearl- and jewel-encrusted gown by Maison Margiela, Rihanna really stole the show on the "Heavenly Bodies"-themed red carpet that year.

#15 Dan Levy

Source: Getty Images

Dan Levy never fails to deliver a distinctive red carpet appearance. This one from the 2021 Met Gala, with the theme "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," resembled a deconstructed globe combined with a comforter and bedazzled leggings. Although we adore the message of embracing LGBTQ love, it might be challenging to fully comprehend when there is so much going on in one outfit.

#16 Kim Petras

Source: kimpetras

The German singer-songwriter Kim Petras is hip, but her 2021 Met Gala attire was a little frightening. She said that the 3D horse head bustier on this Collina Strada dress was made to honor all the horse girls out there.

#17 Pharrell Williams & Helen Lasichanh

Source: J. Kempin/Getty Images

We're a little bit fixated on the fact that Pharrell Williams and his wife, Helen Lasichanh, appear to be attending two completely different parties in this photo. Helen is aiming for structural, edgy Met Gala realness, whereas Pharrell looks like he might be on a Target run.

#18 Julie Macklowe

Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Socialite and businesswoman Julie Macklowe's outfit look seems like Scarlett O'Hara wearing the drapes from the iconic Carol Burnett Show skit. We can't complain about anything that makes us think of Carol Burnett, but we have to ask: Where are her arms in this outfit?

#19 Kim Kardashian

Source: kimkardashian

Only Kim Kardashian could be completely wrapped up and yet wind up in a compilation of the strangest dressed people! Like several of the other outfits on our list, this one is bizarre since it begs a ton of logistical concerns. How was she able to see? Pee? Eat? How did she not trip all night long?

#20 Kid Cudi

Source: Getty Images

What happens when a rapper gets combined with a fur-trimmed sweatshirt by Grover and a shower curtain from a frat house? On the positive side, Kid Cudi appears to be really at ease. On the flip side, it's unclear what this outrageous appearance is for or how it relates to the "In America" theme for 2021.
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