Itziar Ituño and awesome facts you may have missed

Itziar Ituño is one of our favorite actresses from Spanish TV series Money Heist. She rose to fame after the success of the drama but there are several interesting facts you should know about this talented woman!


Itziar Ituño on Mask Singer France
The born 1974 actress has been acting continuously for 26 years, ever since her debut role in a Spanish short film Ricardo from 1996. Since then, she has played many characters and her new movies and TV projects come out every year. The number of projects she has is amazingly remarkable: over 30 films and over 30 TV appearances! Out of these, she had taken main roles in 8 movies and 1 drama. She also guested on TV Shows such as France Mask Singer - showing her singing skills!


Itziar Ituño singing
What will surprise most of us is Ituño is also a musical actress and a well-known singer. That she took acting classes in Basauri Theater School in Basque Country explains why she’s really skilled for any job she takes. Though having a quiet personality, the Money Heist star is actually in a rock band named Ingot. She also takes part in two other bands, Dangslike and EZ3 and released solo songs as well. Her music is mostly recognized in her home due to her singing in Basque primarily. Her theater career is notable with more than 16 plays she participated in.


Itziar Ituño on red carpet
Being born in Basque Country, she’s active mainly in Spain and France. She may sound like a newcomer in Hollywood but is actually famous in her country. In 26 active years, Itziar Ituño’s net worth is up to $ 11 millions. Thanks to Money Heist’s global success, this is expected to increase in the following years. 


Following her social accounts, we may see how this woman enjoys working and relaxing. She loves sharing her works including music, movies, photoshoots and such. Her favorite activities might be sightseeing, taking photos and outdoor sports. She gives her followers a really positive vibe from what she’s doing. It is hard to believe a succeeded actress at the age under 50 would find small, simple things shareable. You may follow her on these platforms: Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Itziar Ituño and Yoo Ji-tae in Money Heist
In the interview with Identity-Mag, Ituño showed much favoritism towards her character in the Netflix series, Raquel Murillo. She identified that Requel had a strong persona and she always stayed her true self no matter how the world around her and even she changed herself. Even though the audience could see the way she shifted from being an inspector to the Profesor’s side, the actress did not take it as a negotiation. Otherwise, Requel still kept her personality, her point of view and her love for the Professor unchangeable. 


Itziar Ituño daily life
She is reported to be single until now. Seemingly, she enjoys her single life too much unlike many of us! There was hardly any time she openly talked about her private life. Most of the time, what she shared on press and social media were her works. At late 40s, this is the energy and spirit that we may idealize and learn from her!
Despite the fact that the 6th season of Money Heist (La casa de papel) is confirmed to have been canceled by the producers, the last 5 seasons of this Netflix series have somehow fulfilled fans’ love and excitement. The show may still be watched on Netflix with Itziar Ituño and the cast’s amazing performance. 
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