8 Celebs Who Turned Their Failures Into Success After Being Told They Would Never Succeed

The road to success is full of obstacles. And the one who stands up after being failed deserves to reach the top in the end. Even the most successful people in the world have faced many failures, and celebrities are no exception. It’s how these celebs rose to their stardom today.
All of these stars are now household names after undergoing a lot of challenges from the beginning of their career. From Star War legend Harrison Ford to famous singer Jennifer Lopez, their stories truly inspire us that we should never give up. They are also the best examples of that famous slogan.
Today, we have compiled a list of 8 celebrities who never give up despite being told they would never succeed.

#1 Marilyn Monroe

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Blonde beauty Marilyn Monroe had an extremely difficult childhood, from an unstable family with mental problems to her childhood in various foster homes. Hats off to a photographer, she was able to get her big break in Hollywood.
Marilyn, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, quickly became the sexiest actress of her time. She has gained fantastic things both as a model and an actress, despite her trauma and the media that have tried to break her down.

#2 Harrison Ford

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Harrison Ford was also frustrated at the beginning of his career. He recalls the words of an agent he met then: “There was a guy that was in charge of what they call the new talent program and he called me into his office and he said, ’Sit down kid. I saw the rushes from yesterday. You’re never going to make it in the business. Just forget about it.’”
It takes a lot of perseverance, courage, and strength to resist those words. Ford proved him wrong and became a successful actor, only to meet that agent one day and receive an apology 15 years later.

#3 Jennifer Lopez

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Superstar Jennifer Lopez suffered from self-doubt when she started out, but she confessed that she was the subject of mockery. She felt that she was supposedly a joke. “I just had low self-esteem,” Lopez said. “I believed a lot of what they said, which is that I wasn’t any good - that I wasn’t a good singer, I wasn’t a good actress, I wasn’t a good dancer.”
As she received her golden popcorn trophy, Jennifer recalled all the obstacles she faced in the past. “I want to thank all the people who gave me this life. I want to thank the people who gave me joy, and the ones who broke my heart.”

#4 Lady Gaga

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One of the biggest and most famous pop stars in the world was told by the boss of her record label that she didn’t have the potential to be successful! They left her before she released a song. Her music career has blossomed since then, but overcoming such statements takes a lot of courage and strength.
She proved him wrong and released best-selling albums, such as The Fame Monster and Born This Way. And after her old boss witnessed her success, he said that this is easily one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made!

#5 Kate Winslet

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Titanic introduced the world to one of the greatest actresses of all time, and she wowed everyone with her adorable looks and incredible talent. But things were not easy for her, especially at the beginning of her career.
Kate was mocked due to her look. She said she is often given lead roles in plays because of her looks. The negativity she was receiving made her extremely uncomfortable, but she overcame all that nonsense and became very successful.

#6 Selena Gomez

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Selena was so successful with Disney, she made a name for herself there and everyone liked her back then. But she ascribed that she was not feeling motivated to go for adult acting roles: “I felt like it was very difficult for people to take me seriously,”
She could do the transition from Disney stardom to other projects, but scarcely. “I have slowly pushed through that, and I’m really glad, but it was very frustrating. I felt like a joke, you know?” We know Selena as a warrior and the challenges she has faced in life are what make her who she is today.

#7 Shakira

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Shakira always dreamed to be a singer, and she was determined to chase that dream from an early age. At the age of 7, the singer asked to join the choir in school only to be rejected and told by her teacher that she sounded like a “goat.” Also, her first audition was a disaster when the producer later told her she would never succeed.

#8 Oprah Winfrey

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It’s hard to believe but Oprah was told by a producer that she was “unfit for television news.” She loses her job as a co-anchor on Baltimore’s WJZ-TV after 7 and a half months. It must’ve been an unhappy experience for her at that time.
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