10 Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Have You Confuse On Who's Who

Do you know what's fantastic? You look exactly like a celebrity. In our world, there are over 8 billion individuals. This implies there's always the possibility of encountering a doppelganger.
People aren't as distinctive as they like to think. We've all been in a position where we're walking around town and see someone who looks exactly like a friend of ours. Or even ourselves. It's an odd sensation to discover we're not alone. That there is at least one copy of us out there. Our identical twin. Our identical twin.
Instead of doing a double-take, these incredible celebrity doppelgängers will have you checking three times. Look through the most bizarre celebrity lookalikes and vote to see if others agree with you on if each duo looks identical.

#1 “My grandparent's wedding in Brazil,1940”

Source: MommaIsBoredto***th / Reddit, Ga Fullner /

#2 “Lady Di. Or my mother?”

Source: Robotice/reddit, Princess Diana Archive / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

#3 “DC tour guide looked a little familiar.”

Source: iimmot / Reddit, serjtankian / Instagram

#4 “My friend watched all of Stranger Things season 3 without realizing his resemblance to Alexei/ Alec Utgoff.”

Source: MrSpiarmf / Reddit, Stranger Things / Netflix and coproducers

#5 “My dad is Howard Stern’s doppelgänger.”

Source: crystalek412/reddit, s_bukley /

#6 “Do I have a doppelgänger?”

Source: wats1010/Reddit, Tinseltown /

#7 “My sister wants to know if she has any doppelgängers.”

Source: bestfu*ralever04 / Reddit, Kathy Hutchins /

#8 “Meghan Markle. I get this often. ”

Source: Kangelstardust / reddit, Robin Utrecht /

#9 “Who is my brother’s doppelgänger?”

Source: DasSockenmo*ter / Reddit, DenisMakarenko /

#10 “Portrait of my dad, somewhere in Africa, 1975.”

Source: © katewhytephoto/reddit, Mary Evans/Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot. / East News

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