Twitter Cats Replied To A Call-Of-Duty Feline Style Quest With Cuteness Overloading Photos

Cat owners often joke about their kittens taking over the world since no one could resist their attraction. As far as we are concerned, cat people are heart-melted by those felines' overloading cuteness even when they are just lying around lazy and bossy all day. With only a glance or a meow to the owner, he (she) can get everything the Earth could give.
To blow a brand new wind to cat owners' souls, the famous Twitter account about felines set a new trend up for every Twitter cat. It was called the "do you accept his quest" operation, where the cats would be the guardians instead. They would get all the preparation to go for the duty and were acting cool to pose for pictures.
The quest soon got a lot of attention and participation. The trendsetting post had nearly fifty thousand retweets and three hundred fifty thousand like icons. In addition, in the comment zone below the original post, there were many responding pictures from cat Twitter accounts worldwide. Today, let's sit down and enjoy our moment because we're about to admire the purrrfect metamorphosis of our furry boss cats to answer the call of duty!

#1 "Are you ready to accept my quest"?

Source: @weirdlilguys

#2 "Agent with heterochromia is on the way"

Source: @darkrai_rl

#3 "I would be your purrrrsonal guide for one day"

Source: @XandariR

#4 "Please recruit me to be by your side!"

Source: @NomadsWandering

#5 "I'll be a science expert to find ways to dissolve all your sorrow"

Source: @DarthSpader747

#6 "I'll be looking after you in the dark so don't be afraid!"

Source: @Ashqui_Ventures

#7 "I'm getting serious on this call of duty"

Source: @zaibmalik7861

#8 "Moggies are here to reply, over!"

Source: @madion92

#9 "I'm thinking of going undercover so don't expose me!"

Source: @Monkeyboy8

#10 "You have trust on meow now?"

Source: @Aletwitt4

#11 "Oops, wrong squad... but will you accept me?"

Source: @digprof

#12 "I'll never give up my spot on this fort"

Source: @JumpnJehosafat

#13 "My place is on the frontline. Bring on the quest!"

Source: @bIoomji

#14 "Admire my flexibility, hooman!"

Source: @zuubyer

#15 "I'm spying on the outside, don't you dare interfere!"

Source: @qai__________

#16 "Ozzie accepts the quest. Let's break down some firewall!"

Source: @mikeman67889

#17 "You might think I don't care, but I'm on my way!"

Source: @RameAirWarrior

#18 "The quest had better be interesting or I'm not leaving my place"

Source: @Belmontesanese

#19 "A spy should never reveal his (her) face"

Source: @bigymhong

#20 "Let's earn some money and pick up some info!"

Source: @timhulsizer

#21 "Yes, you're right. I'm the one in charge here"

Source: @rcjmat

#22 "I'd prefer a mission under the sunlight"

Source: @wanderlustlaura

How about your boss cats? Are you ready to answer the call of quest? We would love to hear your replies! Please hit the like-share button and leave your comments in the section below if you're excited about this trend!
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