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  1. 15+ funny Reactions And Memes Created In Response To The Met Gala 2022

15+ Funny Reactions And Memes Created In Response To The Met Gala 2022

The Met Gala, one of fashion’s biggest events, has rolled out its red carpet in New York for plenty of well-known stars over the world. This year, its theme was “Gilded Glamour”, a concept that pulls inspiration from New York’s Gilded Age. Things happening at any Met Gala are chaotic red carpet offerings.
Many celebs became fashion experts overnight, they even gave others advice about which outfits were the best. Viewers couldn't stop talking about Blank Lively's custom reversible Versace gown, or Emma Stone's gorgeous white Louis Vuitton dress. While some nailed the theme with perfect execution, some failed to understand the assignment. Many Twitter users quickly created memes about the Met Gala outfits that provide lots of belly laughs.

15+ funny Reactions And Memes Created In Response To The Met Gala 2022

#1 Princess dress

Funny Reactions And Memes, Princess dressSource: @sweetlikebeck

She looks like a golden princess! She's gorgeous and I love that dress! If I had it I'd wear it around the house! (Terry Tobias)
Her dress is reminiscent of Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." She looks gorgeous! (Raven Sheridan)
She needs a bird perched on her shoulder or finger, singing. (GoddessOdd)

#2 Zootopia!!

Funny Reactions And Memes, Zootopia!!Source: @ArrietaJustin

If they want to look pretty, they're allowed to. (Helen Tonner )
He's allowed to be pretty if he wants. (Helen Tonner)

#3 Oh! Prince

Funny Reactions And Memes, Oh! PrinceSource: @annesverse

I like this look. Well done to his stylist...different and exciting enough to stand out, but not ridiculous. (GoddessOdd)
More like a doctor strange cosplay. (Seth Iris )

#4 A man with a waxed mustache

Funny Reactions And Memes, A man with a waxed mustache

Funny Reactions And Memes, A man with a waxed mustacheSource: @MediumSizeMeech

Not just the monocle... this guy has some stylin' lapels. I think I'm getting myself a monocle... so much more memorable than reading glasses. (GoddessOdd )
If he had a waxed mustache.. maybe he would fit in.. just for artistic purposes. (Robin C)

#5 The lovely drawing!

Funny Reactions And Memes, The lovely drawingSource: @krtsh_kaa

hat dress is honestly beautiful though. (Julieandthephatones )
This is a work of art. (beesechurger elite)

#6 So hilarious!

Funny Reactions And MemesSource: @evermoksh

I didn't permit them to take pictures of me. (Official Cat )
My idea of high fashion is new sweat pants, so yeah. (GoddessOdd)

#7 Bridgerton

Funny Reactions And Memes, BridgertonSource: @jolangfrds

Bridgerton is entirely the wrong era. (Loki’s Lil Butter Knife)
Guess which pair I'd want to spend the night with. (Steve Fischer)

#8 Suit? No

Funny Reactions And Memes

Funny Reactions And MemesSource: @nitzamanzano

Actually in the rules - WHITE tie, no BLACK tie. The white tie has a vest and usually some jewelry. (Colleen McCloskey)

#9 Wrong gilded age

Funny Reactions And Memes, Wrong gilded ageSource: @saraa_oz

Did she forget her second layer? (BluEyedSeoulite)
Lucky her underwear was fancy because someone forgot their dress. (EJN )

#10 Spider-Man with a suit

Funny Reactions And Memes, Spider-ManSource: @swiftoursonggg

Tell that to Sebastian Stan. (Maya Forbes )
I think men are absolutely gorgeous in tuxedos, so I am fine with all men wearing them. You can always go white-tie like Elon Musk. (GoddessOdd )

#11 Easy win!

Funny Reactions And Memes

Funny Reactions And MemesSource: @ray_f14

At least he followed the dress code! (Lisa Greene )

#12 Dr. Strange

Funny Reactions And Memes, Dr. StrangeSource: @lluchino_

See, everyone complains about men all wearing the same tux, but as soon as one tries something different like Shawn did you guys make fun of them? (jamie artis )
I thought that woman's red hair was a fur piece thrown over his shoulder! (GoddessOdd)

#13 Is…are you joking?

Funny Reactions And MemesSource: @er0sbaby

It's like he's planking while falling. Hope he's fine. (Lauren Caswell)

#14 Sebastian

Funny Reactions And Memes, SebastianSource: @i96HSDAN

Pretty much. (Do_You_Think_I_Give_A_Tortilla)

#15 Pretty in pink

Funny Reactions And MemesSource: @lanikaps

Now that's a man comfortable with his masculinity! (Raven Sheridan)
Reminds me of a glow stick. (Jono)

#16 Marilyn Monroe

Funny Reactions And Memes, Marilyn MonroeSource: @TheKimbino

The team just does what it’s told, and then gets thrown under the bus. (Megan Curl)
In no world or universe should she have been able to wear that gown whilst telling everyone she lost 16 pounds- please I hope you don't let your children listen to this dumb. (Jessica Mae)
Most of these gowns are not gilded age, but some of them are beautiful. (GoddessOdd)

#17 Vanessa Hudgens

Funny Reactions And Memes, Vanessa HudgensSource: @justinkirkland4

That is nice. (GoddessOdd)
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