8 Celebrities Who Prove That Being Raised By A Single Mom Leads To An Unbreakable Bond

Parenting children is hard and single parents raising children is even harder. A study said that kids in single-mother-by-choice families can do just as well as those in 2-parent families.
Needless to say, fulfilling the role of both parents is always a big challenge. But it can also build a strong bond between mother and child. Many celebrities,have been raised by a single mother, which is the best example of that. So hats off to the single mom and dads of these celebrities, who supported their kids and helped them chase their dream along the way. Some stars truly claim that they would have nothing without their single mom support from the early days.
We all admire those superhero single moms who have devoted their lives to their kids. And below are 8 celebs who have a deep bond with their single mom, inspiring that being independent and hard-working can be the most factor contributing to success.

#1 Marcheline Bertrand - Angelina Jolie’s mother

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Angelina Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, started raising her 2 children alone after splitting up from her husband, actor Jon Voight at the age of 26. Angelina shared that Bertrand was a very devoted mother and she learned to treat her own kids the same way to follow her mama’s lead.
Sadly, Jolie turned 30 when she lost her beloved mom. Jolie shared about it, saying, “I would give anything for her to be with me.” She continued, “I talk to her often in my mind and try to think what she might say and how she might guide me.”

#2 Irmelin Indenbirken - Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother

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Leonardo DiCaprio once revealed that he owes his shining success to none other than his mom, saying, “I would not be standing up here if it wasn’t for this person.”
And it’s obvious that Indenbirken will permanently hold a central place in DiCaprio’s heart, and that no woman else can replace it. He did buy a diamond for his mother. “My mom is the only person that I would buy something like that for.” the actor added.

#3 Cora Blige - Mary J. Blige’s mother

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The singer-songwriter Mary J. Blige was raised by a single mother, and life has not been comfortable for either of them. However, the mother-daughter duo had been successful in overwhelming the struggles that life has thrown their way.
It’s clear that Mary J. Blige has a solid bond with her mother, and she showed her admiration for her on social media multiple times. She posted on her mom’s birthday, ’’I love you so much, and I’m so grateful for all of the unconditional love that you have given me!’’

#4 Mary May Smith - Pierce Brosnan’s mother

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The 69-year-old Pierce Brosnan has confessed to being ’’an only child from a fractured family.’’ He explained that his father ’’took off very early’’ and that his mother left home when he was 4. But she was back later, and they decided to settle down in London. Brosnan shared that his mom was very devoted and that she always told him to ’’follow your dreams.’’

#5 Terria Joseph - Alicia Keys’ mother

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The singer-songwriter Alicia Key was raised by her mom from the early days, as her dad had never been in the picture. It’s no doubt that the mother-daughter duo has a deeply loving connection, as Keys has previously told her everlasting gratitude and love for her mom.
Alicia wrote on her mom’s birthday, ’’The most extraordinary woman I know. Your life is so precious to me. You gave me everything. I owe you everything.’’

#6 Judith Ann Hawkins - Halle Berry’s mother


The actress and her sister were grown up with their mom’s love only after their family breakup. Berry said that her mom told her to never concentrate on her looks, telling her daughter, ’’Beauty is what you do.’’ She also taught her to be strong and independent and to learn to deal with difficulties in life without relying on others.

#7 Shelly Kearns - Christina Aguilera’s mother

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The singer-songwriter’s parents broke up at the age of 7, and she seldom saw her father. Aguilera shared that her mother’s strength helped her throughout her life. The artist confessed that seeing her mom struggle and face life’s many obstacles has empowered her to become who she is today.

#8 Janice Combs - Sean Combs’ mother


The famous rapper Sean Combs was raised by his mother after losing his dad when he was 5. And it turned out that the mother-son pair shares an unbreakable bond.
For his mom’s eightieth birthday, Combs posted a picture of her on his Instagram account, along with the beautiful caption, “I only exist because of this beautiful, hardworking, loving [...] genuine, smart, fly amazing Black Goddess Queen!!” He was said to gift her with a million-dollar check to celebrate the happy event.
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