9 Amazing Movie Scenes You Didn’t Realize Aren’t CGI

As the cinema world has made technological advancements, computer-generated imagery (CGI) has been applied in many movies that totally changed the film industry. The use of CGI is now abundant and has brought filmmakers remarkable success in multiple movies, such as Star War (1977), Toy Story (1995), Avatar (2009), and MCU movies.
Today, we are familiar with different high-tech movies that it’s almost impossible to distinguish a visually dazzling scene from being CGI or real. In fact, many movie scenes aren’t applied CGI. Still, not many people can be sure whether these scenes are CGI or not. And the list below surely amazes us about stunning scenes which didn’t help with CGI animation. And, it certainly costs a lot of money.
Here are 9 amazing movie scenes you won’t believe are not CGI. Scroll down and check them out!

#1 Hallway Fight (Inception)

Amazing Movie Scenes, Hallway FightSource: @dailysabah

Christopher Nolan’s Inception is bursting with amazing scenes that do not apply CGI. Apart from the aforementioned Paris café explosion, the hallway fight scene is the most excellent one.
The scene of Joseph Gordon-Levitt fighting off bad guys in a hall is spinning because they are in a dream. The scene was not shot with the help of CGI but on a real set that was revolving. Because of the nature of the complex shoot, the scene was extremely complicated to shoot.

#2 Tray Catch (Spider-Man)

Amazing Movie Scenes, Tray CatchSource: @fiz-x

It’s the scene Peter Parker saves his crush, Mary Jane, from failing and catching her cafeteria lunch on the tray. And what makes the scene even harder to shoot is that instead of using CGI, the tray was sticky and the film crew had to throw the food items on it, hoping they could land on the tray as expected.

#3 Tyrannosaurus Rex (Jurassic Park)

Amazing Movie Scenes, Tyrannosaurus RexSource: @jurassic-pedia

Jurassic Park is considered the greatest dinosaur film of all time, not because of the action sequences nor the talented cast, but because the dinosaurs seemed very real. It’s no doubt that the dinosaurs were not real and most of them were accomplished by CGI, it’s impressive to note that Tyrannosaurus Rex was not among them.
Believe it or not, T-Rex was a giant animatronic. Two life-sized T-Rexes were created by Stan Winston Studios which made every scene involving them not only real but utterly frightening. No surprise, Jurassic Park won three Academy Awards.

#4 Zero Gravity (Apollo 13)

Amazing Movie Scenes, Zero GravitySource: @findance

In Apollo 13, the protagonists were floating in zero gravity with the help of NASA. The space agency allowed the studio to approach their KC-135 airplane which can make zero gravity on Earth.

#5 Train Fight (Skyfall)

Amazing Movie Scenes, Train FightSource: @coolmaterial

Although multiple scenes have been applied with CGI, this particular fight was shot on a real train. Both actors might fall sideways during the shoot.

#6 Truck Flip (The Dark Knight)

Amazing Movie Scenes, Truck FlipSource: @nosobody

Director Christopher Nolan decided to use CGI only when it was necessary. And this scene of the truck flip when Batman slips a cable didn’t worth it. The 18-wheeler was flipped vertically by using a propulsion system positioned at its base. It’s also the most mesmerizing scene of the film.

#7 Plants (Little Shop of Horrors)

Amazing Movie Scenes, PlantsSource: @crypt-teaze

Seymour Krelborn in Little Shop of Horror is remembered as the moving and talking plants but not even a single CGI trick was used.

#8 CASE & TARS (Interstellar)

Amazing Movie Scenes, CASE & TARSSource: @destiny_thememe

If you remember the movie Interstellar, you will recall gigantic walking machines called CASE and TARS. These machines were not a product of CGI.

#9 Tray Catch (Spider-Man)

Amazing Movie Scenes, Tray CatchSource: @cbsnews

More than just a stunt movie instead of a typical Tom Cruise movie, the Mission Impossible series has plenty of such scenes. But it's the amazing flying scene in Rogue Nation that's the most amazing.
Famous for doing his students, Cruise was wildly enthusiastic and willing to do the stunt. The actor grabbed the side of the plane and held it steady as it took off. While Sylvester Stallone had to rely on stuntman Simon Crane for the aerial transfer scene in Cliffhanger, Cruise put his life into a plane scene of his own just to entertain fans.
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