14 Touching Photos That Can Shoot Straight To Your Soul

Life is filled with heart-touching stories, some of which we don't know. But thanks to the invention of the camera, nowadays we can easily approach them through pictures that people capture and then share online. Most of the time, a single simple image may convey a thousand words. The angle from which a picture is taken, the surroundings, the background, and the overall circumstances all make a simple picture so meaningful.
We have compiled a list of 14 of the most heart-touching pictures that will leave you in deep thought. It is a pic of a tiny newborn's hand with a wedding ring on it. It's a pic of a father holding his premature identical twins for the first time. Or it's the pic of a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer but gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Scroll down to check them out. We are confident that those pics will make your day.

#1. My childhood hero Tony Hawk got the privilege of meeting my adult hero today, my son Odin

Source: Timfrostyo

#2. First night home with baby

Source: 0nel0c0

#3. My wedding ring on my daughter's arm (1lb 12 oz or 700 grams) - born at 26 weeks. Turns 9 Monday!

Source: trimpdogg

#4. I was told since I was 25 that I couldn't have kids & was ok with that

Source: GrrrZilla

At 40 years old I'm about to celebrate my first Mother's Day with the best baby ever and I'm so thankful for him

#5. Today I adopted the sweetest young woman, whom I've helped raise since she was a baby. Long time in the making of this moment

Source: TrumpHairedHarambe

#6. Granddaughter loves on Grandma after she received news of terminal brain cancer. A child’s love is always so pure

Source: kirabracken

#7. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at 7 mo pregnant, started chemo 7 weeks ago, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy early this morning! She is more beautiful than ever

Source: benhanan1

#8. My s/o holding our identical twin girls, born prematurely at 30 weeks, together for the first time. They’re a month old today

Source: kjhumpal

#9. My mom and my best boy said their goodbyes. A dog's love and the connection is so pure

Source: Littlekcs

#10. Our son gets to finally come home after spending a month in NICU after he was born

Source: Angrynissen25

#11. My Mom found out she was a match and gave me a kidney saving my life, There is no greater hero in my eyes

Source: kingsleep

#12. This sweetheart lights up seeing her ‘Grandpa Crocodile’ on screen

Source: BindiIrwin

I wish that Dad could hug my beautiful girl. It’s been 15 years since he passed away. I hold on to the thought that he’s her guardian angel now, watching over the most special part of my life, Grace

#13. My premature daughter holding my finger for the first time at 9 days old

Source: postoak67

#14. A Rainbow Baby is a child born after a woman loses the child that came before it

Source: GavinWakeUpCall

This is my wife and 5 other women, who also lost their babies in the third trimester, celebrating their Rainbows
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