10 Celebrity Phobias And What Scare Them The Most

Everyone has fear. Which thing scares you the most? People tend to give a different response to this question since everyone has problems that are different from others.
It also occurs with famous people. It seems that Hollywood stars do not have any fear just because they are willing to do any action movie stunt or perform in front of a crowd. Yet, as humans, they do have their own fear, which can be considered phobias.
Phobia is described as an anxiety disorder or an excessive fear of one object. It includes either living or non-living entities. Let's look at some Hollywood celebs' phobias, which cause them terrible fear, and the stories related to them.

#1 Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry's husband, is scared of pigs. It was recognized when he began filming the Kingdom Of Heaven in 2005.

Source: @orlandbloom

#2 Do you know the sexy Nicki Minaj is fearful of escalators? She tried to go down to the first floor but was stuck there since so many photographers were trying to take her picture.

Source: @nickiminaj

#3 The famous actress Oprah Winfrey also suffers from a phobia. She is scared of chewing gum.

Source: @oprah

#4 Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie's ex-husband, is afraid of sharks. This phobia is Selachophobia and it is revealed in an interview with Jolie.

Source: @bradpittofflcial

#5 Britney Spears is extremely terrified of reptiles, especially lizards and Komodo Dragons. She was forced to carry an albino python on her shoulder in 2001 and has had the phobia since then.

Source: @britneyspears

#6 Christina Ricci is scared of indoor plants. She freaks out when she sees soil that makes her feel dirty.

Source: @riccigrams

#7 After trying to force the raccoon to leave her home, Katie Holmes lived in fear of this animal.

Source: @katieholmes

#8 Since Nichole Kidman was a kid, she has had a phobia of butterflies. This phobia is Lepidopterophobia.

Source: @nicolekidman

#9 Pamela Anderson has a serious fear of mirrors. Because of this phobia, she is unable to gaze in the mirror.

Source: The Economic Times

#10 Rita Ora fears using the toilet since she once slipped and fell while it was quite dark.

Source: @ritaora

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