25 Reactions To Black Panther: Wakanda Forever That Prove It’s Probably The Best MCU Movies Now

We are all excited about the upcoming movie “Wakanda Forever” which will be released in November. The Marvel Studios production distributed by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures will be the 30th movie in the MCU, starring Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong'o, Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Florence Kasumba, Dominique Thorne, Michaela Coel, Tenoch Huerta, Martin Freeman, and Angela Bassett.
And finally, the trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever come out and already breaking records, with 172 million views in the first 24 hours - more than double the first Black Panther movie trailer. It's easy to understand that everyone is hyped and ready for the next chapter of Wakanda. Indeed, somebody can’t wait to watch the return of the award-winning Black panther in 2018, making the movie become one of the most prominent superhero storylines of the MCU franchise. That’s why people talk about stunning cinematography, a roust soundtrack, and a prominent cast that are all ready to blow our minds.
Below are 25 reactions to the second standalone Black Panther movie in welcoming its return to Wakanda. Let’s scroll down and enjoy!


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"If only Chadwick was here it would have been perfect."- @OMAR07___


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"Like it got a best picture nomination. that’s cinema."- @paulswhtn


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"I'm a day late but it says so much I've had more images and moments from this brief minute trailer lingering in my head a day after seeing it than the majority of entire marvel marvel movies put together."-@metaplexmovies


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"That was some beautiful stuff. I cannot wait for the film."-@RyanFilmLover


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"I WON'T BE ALONE!"-@tktheprophet


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"I am crying"-@MaxAMaxim


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"I hope I, if not, MORE Hispanics are in that red carpet premiere so WE can let this man know we’re here with him. Let him know there are a lot of us here in this community. They can’t keep us from the shadows forever."-@TheRealTCU


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"I’m scared there are people still trying to cancel him."-@Bobobobooo33


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"Mayan culture"-@dabdoub999


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"I wish I could shake your hand for making this cover, it's damn near iconic now."-@shamartTM


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I was about to say, plus I don’t think he’d be against it. He loved that project and might as well do it again."-@dawsonvaughn_19


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"That was ridiculously well done!"-@CoachPMA


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"The energy will be tears. I got so emotional from the trailer so I just imagine the whole movie That doesn't mean it's not going to be amazing but it will be different."-@angelfireeast24


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"I like this idea."-@Kristen01852807


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"So I really just have to wait until November to see this."-@quintabrunson


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"Angela Bassett is not acting in this trailer. She is a queen, that's just a fact."-@UlyssesArtist


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"Coming up, I was often the only woman on set other than actresses, hair & MUAs. After a long hiatus to raise kids, I nearly cried when I went back to see all kinds of women behind the camera, etc."-@Diane_Sherlock

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"nvm I’m sobbing."-@alinakshf


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"In many African cultures, we dress in white for funerals."-@spideykayla


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"Ahhhhhh I can't wait!!!."-@DuchessODork


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".......ummmm Hes... Go watch black panther again"-@Flamboyantbo1

#25 Finally, watch the trailer which makes you cry while replaying it 100 more times until it premieres in November.

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