14 Celebrities Are On The Fire Or Having A Moment That You Don’t Like

Hollywood ain’t easy. Getting the big break doesn’t mean it’s time for celebs to relax. They have to work harder than the average person can even imagine. They not only star in Movies or TV shows but also drive and guile to relentlessly market themselves. For example, famously prolific actors like Michael Caine, or Emma Stone seem never to turn down a role. They have consistently worked hard to stay in the limelight and achieved great success in their career. Their efforts have made people admire and sometimes a little bit jealous.
However, sometimes celebs have a moment that we don’t like or even get on our nerves. The reasons for it are various. According to Reddit, we’ve rounded up some celebs who are on the fire but have a moment that makes you annoyed. Scrolling down to see.

#1 Jack Harlow

Source: Fandom

I just listened to First Class the whole way through the other day and was like I have no idea why someone would choose to listen to that when you could just listen to Glamorous by Fergie instead. also, reading the lyrics to the chorus online gave me an aneurysm. (doubtersdisease)
when he talks about drinking pineapple juice so he can give women sweet semen. (emdot3)

#2 The Rock

Source: therock

I’m going to go ahead and say it: The Rock. I don’t have a problem with him, aside from the fact that he’s not really an actor - but the endless Black Adam social media barrage coupled with his never-ending shilling of all his brands has become too much. How much money do you need, man? (Italianinsomniac)
I used to like him, but everything about him is so tired. It seems like he tries so hard to be the most... Everything. He wants to seem like the funniest guy, the most serious/professional guy, the hardest worker, the most laid-back... He really can't seem to get a handle on his non-wrestler image. (bizzonzzon)
I don't like his view on women (and often "not fit" people) and consequently how they are portrayed in his movies. (cactus_of_love)

#3 Pete Davidson

Source: petedavidson.93

Pete's star is rising, and I can't get over the fact that so many people magically forgot how toxic he is and his track record isn't a good one. (32Wicky)
Let's not forget about how much of a dick he was when he was still dating Arianna and the Manchester bombings happened. He just made a joke about it. (freewinonatshirt)
He’s been growing in popularity since Ariana made him famous. I just don’t see the hype behind him and he’s done too much bad shit that gets a pass because he’s a “comedian”. Bc misogyny is so funny. (Bedazzledtoe)

#4 Machine Gun Kelly

Source: machinegunkelly

He’s a creep and gross. he also took his current aesthetic and music from other artists, namely Lil peep. (bslovecoco)
Remember when he did those nasty comments about underage Kendall Jenner? He's nasty asf, I deff side eye Megan for being with him. (j_h_s_)

#5 Tome Cruise

Source: tomcruise

We have collective amnesia about how corrupt Scientology is. Why is there not more pressure on him for being a shitty father? (Opinionatedintrovert)

#6 Austin Butler

Source: Wikipedia

Something about him rubs me the wrong way like he's a serial cheater (apparently) and is dating someone 10 years younger than him and that wouldn't even be a big deal if she hadn't just turned 20. (hyungwontual)
Faking an accent (which he did even before campaigning for the role) became almost pathological for him. Like he felt he had no personality, and if he cut/pasted this to himself, he'd suddenly become popular. (comin_up_shawt)

#7 Emma Watson

Source: _emma__watsons_

If you had asked me this like 2-3 years ago, I would have said, Emma Watson. I didn't hate her (and still don't) or even dislike her as a person, I just did not like her as an actor. I kept my mouth shut though as it seemed like she was in every "big" movie and like everyone loved her. For a hot second, I honestly thought I was just a bitter negative nancy for not liking her in Beauty and the Beast and being annoyed with her casting in Little Women. But then there seemed to be a switch-up in opinion on the internet? it seems much more popular in every circle in 2022 to think she's not a good actress. (Folksma)

#8 Emma Chamberlain

Source: emmachamberlain

From what I've seen of her she is literally indistinguishable from millions of other very basic install influencers but somehow has a huge cult-like following and invites to all the award shows/ met gals. (mindylahiriMDbitch)

#9 Kim Kardashian

Source: kimkardashian

I don’t care if she calls herself a feminist or a girl boss or whatever for being “self-made” or trying to become a lawyer, she has set women back decades as I can barely harness the words to describe it. (peepstemple)

#10 Camila Cabello

Source: camila_cabello

This doesn't apply to this sub... and I guess her moment's kind of over now, but I have never liked Camila Cabello even while I was following Fifth Harmony. Sometimes I laugh at those petty fan video compilations of the other 4 being tired of her business/energy because that's how I felt seeing her in performances. (petalsofdaisies)

#11 Doja Cat

Source: dojacat

For me, it’s Doja Cat. I think she’s such an incredible talent, and I was very excited to watch her career rise (I’ve been watching her since her silly meme songs), but the kind of drama she’s been embroiled in and the reaction to it has put me off her. I don’t think she needs to be “canceled” or anything, it’s just made me less interested in her as she comes across as a bit of a mean girl who can’t take criticism. (badjellywitch)

#12 Sebastian Stan

Source: imsebastianstan

I only knew him from Marvel before but he's in a few popular things outside of Marvel now. I dislike it cause of how he and Lily James are so disrespectful of Pam & Tommy and he's done a lot of douchey things. (kimsaprincessllc)

#13 Harry Styles

Source: harrystyles

I can't stand him. I find him wildly unattractive and his whole thing to be a PR schtick. oooh, I'm a guy wearing a pearl necklace with an ugly sweater, I'm sooooo subversive, fuck gender norms yeah! Nothing about him seems remotely real, just whatever a PR company tells him will sell. (CaseyRC)

#14 Rachel Zegler

Source: rachelzegler

She’s incredibly talented vocally, her acting, well I think she was ok in wss but that accent was horrible and she seemed a little forced at times, but the role of maria is kind of boring to take on anyways so I won’t judge that yet. (gisele97)
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