20 Interesting Details Of Classic Disney Movies That You Never Noticed Before

When we think of classic Disney films, we often conjure up images of extraordinary animation, iconic melodies, and lovable characters. However, this is not the case! For hardcore Disney fans, the most memorable thing about their favorite Movies,is uncovering the secrets and details hidden in these films.
On Tumblr, eagle-eyed Disney lovers have been pointing out a lot of surprising details packaged in these beloved films! From the meaning of Lilo's name to interesting facts about Ariel's hair, these little details are absolutely unexpected. Have you ever noticed that almost villains in Disney films are associated with green?
In this post, we have rounded up 20 of the most popular Disney-inspired posts by Tumblr users. We bet that they will make you laugh out loud! And if you know any other details about Disney movies, leave a comment below so we can discuss them. Now scroll down and enjoy!

#1 A weird association

Source: but-darlings-the-show-must-go-on

#2 The most underappreciated joke of all time!

Source: m-u-n-c-h-y

#3 But my favorite color is green

Source: djpaige

#4 Lilo's name means Lost

Source: piratical-princess

#5 A sweet fact

Source: spectr0-magic-blog

#6 This is the first time her hair has been completely dry!

Source: quitathedreamer

#7 They're so relatable

Source: kujatribal

#8 He's always my favorite Prince

Source: msdevindanielle

#9 Shan Yu addressing Mulan

Source: hellotailor

#10 A real friend

Source: sararye

#11 Went right over our heads

Source: majesticfires

#12 What do you mean, Mushu?

Source: earl-grey-orange-juice

#13 Some fact-checking

Source: pokeybooks13

#14 Different teaching styles

Source: clareyyfairyy

#15 The second act of "Mulan"

Source: helly-watermelonsmellinfellon

#16 World history in once sentence

Source: tayalldaynyc

#17 Translation

Source: pinterest

#18 It's so fun

Source: pinterest

#19 He switched up fast

Source: pinterest

#20 The sequel treatment

Source: once-delight

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