10 Weird Eating Habits Of Hollywood Stars That You Never Expect

We always have a way to eat, and so do our favorite celebs. And sometimes, we also follow them on social media just to follow their diet. However, not everyone is ready for the strangest things that our celebrities post on their social accounts, like their weird eating habits.
Some famous people even combine their food and beverages in improbable ways, such as put salty snacks into Coke, eating cereal with ice, etc. Moreover, some of them also have special treatment for eating like the shape of the food or a place to eat it.
You may want to reconsider copying the bizarre eating habits of these famous people after learning about these odd habits. Are you interested? We make a list of 10 famous people that have bizarre eating habits that will shock you. Here we go!

#1 Rock singer Gene Simmons has an odd eating style. He adds some ice to his cereal which shocks his fans on his Twitter.

Source: @genesimmons

#2 The way that Chelsea Peretti eats a cake is really strange. She won't eat the frosting; she'll just eat the entire cake.

Source: @chelsanity

#3 Are you a fan of salty food? As long as you don't overuse it, it is fine. However, Jessica Alba always adds Himalayan salt to her beverage.

Source: @jessicaalba

#4 Pizza doubles as a sandwich for Jennifer Lawrence, please!  She places two slices of pizza on a plate and adds some noodles with chili sauce in the middle.

Source: @jenniferlawrence_

#5 Every time Jessica Biel takes a shower, she brings food with her. She did it as she doesn't have enough time as a good mother.

Source: @jessicabiel

#6 The most extraordinary eating behavior may belong to Katy Perry. For all the fast food she offers, people should pay close attention to the food's shape.

Source: @katyperry

#7 On YouTube, Kourtney Kardashian inspires you by showing how to consume a Kit Kat. She will crack the chocolate, eat each outer layer, and then eat the centerpiece. Is it interesting?

Source: @kourtneykardash

#8 Nobody will enjoy what Jake Owen often does to his coke! Before drinking the coke, he will add some salty snacks to it.

Source: @jakeowenofficial

#9 Marilyn Monroe, the symbol of beauty, always drinks milk with two raw eggs while getting dressed.

Source: @marilynmonroe

#10 Who would think Fergie drank two spoons of apple vinegar every day? However, it supports her stomach quite well.

Source: @fergie

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