10 Stars Who Were Unexpectedly Booed Off The Stage

For many people, getting on stage in front of thousands of people is a huge pressure. For celebs, it’s just another day at the office. We get used to seeing them living under a microscope, singing a list of songs at the top of their lungs, or simply gossiping about funny topics. No matter how popular or talented they are, standing on stage requires a lot of courage.
Unfortunately, their performances always received positive responses from viewers. Sometimes they’re painfully reminded that no matter how famous they get – they are not above being criticized and even booed. From Ed Sheeran to Justin Bieber, many stars sometimes have received less than warm welcomes at the big show.
Here are celebrities who were booed off the stage.

#1 Ne-Yo

Source: Wikipedia

Ne-Yo’s first performance at the legendary Apollo Theater didn’t end well. The crowd didn’t feel that he didn’t collaborate with his fellow group members well. He shared “The boos were the loudest thing and I remember this one guy in particular (who was just) as loud as hell”, every member started crying then.

#2 Ashlee Simpson

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Ashlee Simpson’s performance at the Orange Bowl was a huge flop and many people wanted her to get off the stage. she said that there was some booing that went on after halftime who was finished.

#3 Rihanna

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It is a surprise that in the past, she received disrespect from many people. In her performance in Australia, fans let her know they were not happy by booing her off the stage.

#4 Lil Mama

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Lil Mama was hated when she hopped up on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s performance of their hit song “New York” at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. During her performance at New York’s Webster Hall, the singer was booed off the stage.

#5 Marilyn Manson

Source: Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson was booed off the stage at Soundwave Sydney. Slipknot fans really let Manson know who they wanted on stage. They also repeatedly shouted “Slipknot” while he was trying to perform. . Manson stormed off stage leaving a very confused drummer and crowd.

#6 Lauryn Hill

Source: Britannica

Lauryn Hill was booed while performing at the Apollo Theater. At that time, she was a 13-year-old girl Despite the loud boos, she did her best to keep going.

#7 Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne was considered one of the hottest rappers. Unfortunately, even at his peak, Lil Wayne had a few rough patches, including several incidents in which he was booed by the audience.

#8 Kanye West

Source: Jason Koerner

Kanye West was booed off stage, especially going on a 20 minutes rant where he accused the media of brainwashing people. His action definitely made numerous fans unhappy.

#9 Justin Bieber

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Despite having a huge number of fans, lots of people hate Justin Bieber. At 2014’s Fashion Rocks, the singer chose to do a little strip tease and the crowd ensured to let him know that they didn’t appreciate it. It was the reason why he was booed at his show.

#10 Madonna

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Despite his successful career, Madonna has had a few mishaps over the years. The singer was booed off stage because her fans were so disappointed when her performance lasted for only 45 minutes.
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