12 Celebrities Who Feel Fulfilled And Take Pride In Being A Single Parent

Parenting may be challenging, but being a single parent? Forget about it. Every parent is aware that it takes a village to raise a child but some dads/moms have had to raise their children by themselves. Even though it may be more difficult, somehow single parents still find the strength to provide for their children with the love that all children deserve.
Many celebrities have also fallen into single parenthood, either by choice or by life circumstances. These celebrities have successfully raised their children on their own, without the assistance of their partners. They still managed to have amazing professions while making sure their children were always taken care of. For some of these single parents, being the only parent to their child has created a beautiful and strong relationship between them and their son or daughter. And no matter how difficult their road together might have been, that makes it all worthwhile.
Being a single parent is never easy no matter if you're the mother or the father. However, these famous people can inspire other single parents out there, right? Check out these 12 single celebrity parents who are always proud of their children and their families.

#1 Cristiano Ronaldo and son Cristian Jr.

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While the football star now has more children with his girlfriend, for many years he was a single parent to his oldest son, whose mother's name was kept a secret from the public. When asked about raising his son alone, the Portuguese footballer said that little Cristiano ’’doesn’t need a mother, just me — having a father is enough."

#2 Elizabeth Hurley and son Damian

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The actress gave birth to her son in 2002. Damian is currently following in his mother's footsteps and working as both an actor and a model. Despite their tight relationship, Hurley opened up a few years ago about her kid growing up "I know he’ll need to leave the nest at some stage, so I’m making the most of the time we still have."

#3 Louis Tomlinson and son Freddie

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The singer became a dad in 2016 after splitting with his girlfriend, the mother of little Freddie. It seems that the young dad really enjoys the whole fatherhood experience, saying that ’’the whole thing is super cool."

#4 Charlize Theron and daughters Jackson and August

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The Hollywood star admitted that when she was just 8 years old, she knew she wanted to adopt. And in 2012, when she welcomed her daughter Jackson into the world for the first time, she finally realized her childhood ambition. August joined the small family three years later. The actress takes pride in being single mom because "there is absolutely no shame in that game to be in a relationship with yourself." And she’s "never been lonely” because her 2 daughters are “the great loves of her life.”

#5 Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda

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Matilda, their daughter, was just 2 years old when her ex-partner Heath Ledger went unexpectedly in 2008. While the Oscar-nominated actress acknowledged that being a single parent isn't always simple and can sometimes be "alienating," but she is still proud of being a mother of Matilda. She also said that she often finds a way to balance motherhood and her career so that she doesn't have to "worry about the stability of our unit when I have to go back to work.’’

#6 Malin Åkerman and son Sebastian

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In 2013, the Swedish-American actress and her spouse welcomed their baby. However, the pair eventually got divorced. After their breakup, Kerman admitted that she's ’’really loving’’ focusing on her baby and that she's not in a rush to go back out there dating. Additionally, she said that the mother and son relationship "is beyond any love you felt in your whole life."

#7 Padma Lakshmi and daughter Krishna

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At age 40, the television celebrity from India gave birth to her daughter, Krishna. She and her daughter have a tight and strong relationship that she frequently posts about on her social media pages. The presenter and judge of Top Chef opened up, saying that having Krishna as a child had been ’’has been the privilege of my life."

#8 Drew Barrymore and daughters Olive and Frankie

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When her kids were ages 4 and 2, the American actress and TV host divorced. Drew Barrymore is outspoken about single-parenting and admits that it's not always easy, but she loves it, saying, "I get to wear a lot of different hats with my kids. So I feel really fulfilled." Even though she had only recently started dating again, she said she will "never, ever, ever, ever get married again."

#9 Alex Rodriguez and daughters Natasha and Ella

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The former professional baseball player and his ex-wife have two kids, ages 13 and 17. He has a tight relationship with his daughters and frequently posts adorable images of them on social media. This dedicated father never misses an opportunity to show his children his unwavering affection, describing them as "the best part of me.’’

#10 January Jones and son Xander

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In 2011, the "Mad Men" actress gave birth to a baby but she kept the name of his father a secret. The actress revealed a few years ago, "I just don’t feel I need a partner". She continued by saying that she already had a "is so full" life and would much prefer "be at home sleeping...or hanging out with my kid" than go on a random date.

#11 Skeet Ulrich and twins Jacob and Naiia

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The American actor is the father of 2001-born twins, a boy, and a girl. After the divorce when the children were 4 years old, Skeet put his 2 children before his acting profession. This 52-year-old man seems to have a particular place in his heart for becoming a father, he admitted that fatherhood allowed him to "re-experience my own childhood in a new way and be the parent I wish I’d had.’’

#12 Sofia Vergara and son Manolo

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When she was 19 years old, the actress from Colombia had a child with her high school sweetheart. The couple split up when Manolo was just 2 years old, and Vergara explained that as a young single mom, she raised him by doing her best to "set the best example and give him the best" she could. Now she is now a very proud mother of her 30-year-old young man and that it is worth all the sacrifices when others comment on "how well mannered, how charming, funny, and well-behaved he is, it makes all the sacrifices worthwhile."
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