19 Posts About Disney Villains That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

Sometimes the villains in movies and literature are obvious, while other times their motives are murky, making it a little more difficult to choose who to root for. These Disney villain quotations make it simple to identify the bad guy since the villains in the classic Disney films were always wicked.
However, we get to see their origin narrative and discover the reasons for their character development when we see the recent Disney remakes of Maleficent and Cruella. We're left to ponder who the terrible person is in this situation.
Disney villains have always been among the most infamous and vile characters to ever cause havoc on the big screen. Princess Aurora is cursed by Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. Aladdin's Jafar seizes power by granting Genie's desires. The pitchfork-wielding mob in Beauty and the Beast is led by Gaston. Fans online are pointing out that these villains are actually rather sympathetic when you look closer, despite their terrible reputation.
Below are the posts we collected from various sources that actually make us think twice about the true nature of Disney villains, as well as non-villains.

#1 The Difference In Their Views

Source: fractalsofelsanna / Tumblr

#2 Eugene Loves Repunzel For Who She Is

Source: sickaqua / Twitter

#3 Hiding Something

Source: martinfreemansmiddlefinger / Tumblr

#4 Doors In The Tower

Source: runningracingdancingchasing / Tumblr

#5 Love After Abuse

Source: nimblenoor / Twitter

#6 Analyzing Maleficent

Source: freedominwickedness / Tumblr

#7 Look Closer

Source: get-fabulous / Tumblr

#8 Some PG-13 Action

Source: moriarty / Tumblr

#9 First Step

Source: disneydeviants / Tumblr

#10 Cute Moment from Jafar and Iago

Source: sairaspooks / Twitter

#11 Scar Didn't Go as Hard as Hades

Source: irenethedoll / Twitter

#12 Prince Hans Is Actually A Mirror

Source: lukecastellan / Tumblr

#13 The Real Disney Villain Songs

Source: asrielle_ / Twitter

#14 Appreciation Post For One of the Best Animators: Kathy Zielinski

Source: sephiramy / Twitter

#15 Average Consumer Mindset

Source: sarahschauer / Twitter

#16 Wordplay

Source: moviedetail / Twitter

#17 Beauty Standards

Source: WebcamsReviewed / Reddit

#18 The Lines Hit Hard

Source: Azrael / Pinterest

#19 Sid Was Just Being A Creative Artist

Source: verynormalgrl / Twitter

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