8 Celebrities Whose Self-Relying Single Moms Inspired Them To Become A Star

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world that comes with more duties but no paycheck or bonuses. This task is even harder when you are a single mom undertaking all of the responsibility. With a strong and independent mother by their side, many people are brave to cope with the challenges in life. They know that their mothers always have their back.
The situation has been experienced by celebrities in Hollywood. These wonderful mothers who brought up and educated them well deserve a gold medal for all the hard work they did for their children that are now Hollywood stars.
Here are 8 stars who prove that being raised by a single mom leads to an unbreakable bond.

#1 Irmelin Indenbirken — Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s parents got divorced when he was a year old. His mother raised him and their relationship is incredibly close. His mother has been taken to the red carpet events and is the only person that Leonardo DiCaprio has bought a diamond for.

#2 Mary May Smith — Pierce Brosnan’s mother

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Pierce Brosnan admitted that he was from a fractured family. When turning 4 years old, his mom left home but returned later. She always told him to chase his dreams and supported him unconditionally.

#3 Judith Ann Hawkins — Halle Berry’s mother


Halle Berry’s mother left her home so she and her sister lived with their mom. Her mom told her that beauty was what you do and ignored all beauty standards.

#4 Janice Combs — Sean Combs’ mother


At the age of 5, Sean Comb lost his dad forever and all responsibility was shouldered by his mother. For his mother’s eightieth birthday, he shared an Instagram photo with the loving caption “I only exist because of this beautiful, hardworking, loving, hilarious, a-- whooping, always telling me the truth, genuine, smart, fly absolutely amazing Black Goddess Queen” and gifted her with a million-dollar check.

#5 Terria Joseph — Alicia Keys’ mother

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Alicia Key is always grateful for her mother’s endless love. For the singer, her mom is the most extraordinary and perfect woman she knows.

#6 Shelly Kearns — Christina Aguilera’s mother

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Christina Aguilera’s parents were already separated by the time she was 7 and she was raised by her mother. She confessed that seeing her mom struggle with many obstacles has empowered her to become a well-known person today.

#7 Cora Blige — Mary J. Blige’s mother

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Mary J. Blige and her mother had a tough life in the past but they overcame a hard time. The singer-songwriter said her mom was a pillar who always supported her follow her dream.

#8 Marcheline Bertrand — Angelina Jolie’s mother

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At the age of 26, Angelina Jolie’s mother split up with her dad and raised her siblings. Although her mom passed away, the actress always talked to her in her mind and imagined how her mom might guide her.
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