15 Celebrity Kids Who Have Stolen The Spotlight Of Their Celebrity Parents On Instagram

Some youngsters are finding their way on platforms like Instagram and TikTok thanks to their celebrity parents, gaining millions of followers with adorable images and videos (plus points if mom and dad appear), luxurious vacations, or even business enterprises.
However, these famous children aren't leaving their own social media imprints - some of them have been online famous from the day they were born, thanks to viral baby announcements and first images. Because the majority of these children are under the age of 13 (the minimum age for children to join platforms), their accounts are tightly managed by their proud parents.
So check out these young social media stars and follow them!

#1 Kaavia Union-Wade

Source: @gabunion

Kaavia Union-Wade, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's 3-year-old daughter, has a large personality and an even bigger fan base. "The Shady Baby" has nearly 2 million followers, and her account is actually LOL funny. People, people, people, the captions!

#2 Alexia Olympia Ohanian

Source: @olympiaohanian

We're not sure if Olympia Ohanian (Serena Williams's 4-year-old daughter) and Kaavia James Union-Wade are pals in real life, but they certainly have a lot of fun on Instagram. Olympia, who has over 600,000 followers on Instagram, is a must-follow for any tennis lover, since she appears to be carrying on her mother's athletic legacy.

#3 Brooklyn Daly

Source: @thebrooklyndaly

Brooklyn Daly, the daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta actress Kenya Moore, is only three years old, yet she has already learned to pose, takes karate lessons, and has over 300 Instagram posts. Her mother's Instagram account currently has over 238,000 followers.

#4 Gunner Pratt

Source: @gunnerpratt

Given that his parents, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, are among the most fame-hungry people to emerge from reality television, it's hardly surprising that Gunner Pratt, 3, had an Instagram account before he had teeth. He presently has approximately 73,000 followers, and it would be interesting to watch whether that number increases in any way when Gunner becomes a big brother later this year.

#5 Deacon Phillippe

Source: @deaconphillippe

Many of us were merely looking for a prom date. Deacon Phillippe's recent prom photo received over 40,000 likes from his roughly 400,000 Instagram followers. He is the son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, as is clear from his appearance, and is reported to be exploring a career in music. He'd better hope that all of his fans download his music.

#6 Coco Arquette

Source: @cocoarquette_

Is there any Monica Geller spirit in this photo? Maybe! Coco Arquette, the daughter of Courteney Cox and David Arquette, was reared mostly behind closed doors, yet the 18-year-old has amassed over 325,000 Instagram followers.

#7 Bronny James

Source: @bronny

Is someone an Instagram star if they only posted 16 times in three years? We'd typically say no, but Bronny James (son of a basketball player, some guy named LeBron? Have you heard of?) has over 6 million followers. This 17-year-old is regarded as one of the top 60 high school basketball players in the country, so his fans will be eager to learn where he will attend college in 2023.

#8 Zaya Wade

Source: @zayawade

Zaya Wade may not have as many followers as her younger sister, Kaavia, but she is doing well for herself. This stylish 15-year-old has around 547,000 followers on Instagram. We love that she's created her own Instagram account to show us how much cooler and better dressed she is at 15 than we ever were!

#9 Milania Giudice

Source: @milania.ggiudice

Reality TV viewers have seen Milania Giudice grow up in front of their eyes on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and almost 240,000 of those viewers are also seeing her grow up on Instagram. Milania recently shared photos from her sweet 16 party, which received over 20,000 likes. Dang. Let alone that many likes, we didn't even get a card from our grandmother!

#10 Chanel Marrow

Source: @babychanelnicole

Chanel Marrow, Ice-T and Coco Austin's 6-year-old daughter, has over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Are they looking for photos of her twinning with her mother? For the chance to pass judgment on Coco and Ice-parenting T's decisions? Or are you just curious how artificial nails and lipstick look on a first grader? Who knows?

#11 Alabama Barker

Source: @alabamaluellabarker

Alabama Barker, the daughter of Blink-182 musician Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's stepdaughter, presently has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Her Instagram account is largely selfies, some of which critics find inappropriately sensual or adult for a 16-year-old. Others admire her because she has been known to divulge some Kardashian-related information or to voice her grievances with her mother, Shanna Moakler.

#12 Boomer Phelps

Source: @boomerrphelps

Boomer Phelps, 6, is another Instagram famous child with a terrific athlete for a parent. Boomer, the son of swimming GOAT Michael Phelps, doesn't post updates much, but he still has over 500,000 followers. Interestingly, he has more followers than all of his brothers combined, as well as his own mother, implying that there may only be room for one Instagram star in the family.

#13 Kenzo Hart


Having nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram does not make a person famous. But what about being a four-year-old? That, we believe, is still significant! Kenzo Hart, the son of comedian Kevin Hart, is adorable, and his Instagram account "Kenzo's World" is a lot of fun to look through.

#14 Asahd Khaled

Source: @asahdkhaled

DJ Khaled has never been accused of being subtle or modest, so it's no surprise that his 5-year-old son's Instagram account (followed by over 1.5 million people) is full of photographs of designer items, luxury excursions, and, oh yeah, a kindergarten graduation picture or two. Anyone who sees Asahd has a good time would be envious.

#15 Giovanna LaValle

Source: @sissygiovanna

Whoa! Who knew Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (of Jersey Shore fame) had such a versatile and Instagram-famous daughter? Giovanna, seven, is an aspiring cheerleader with almost 320,000 followers and numerous photos demonstrating her athleticism.
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