15 Celebrities Who Give Off Bad Vibes, According To Reddit

It is believed that celebrities are always full of positive energy and spread it to others. We often see the images of celebs standing on the stage, sharing their stories and encouraging people not to give up their dreams. They have helped many become stronger to cope with challenges in life.
Nevertheless, some celebrities radiate their negative energy for many different reasons. A few of them are under enormous pressure due to their career stagnation while others being busy with their tight schedules feel exhausted all the time. Many people have shared their experiences in meeting particular celebs and sadly, many of them had a bad impression of celebs’ behaviors.
On Reddit, a user asked people who are celebrities that give them bad vibes, and many names were called out. Here are celebrities who give off bad vibes.

#1 Christina Aguilera

Source: Wikipedia

This isn’t a vibe; it is real. I met her at a meet and greet when I was 10 years old because of my Make-A-Wish wish (Backstreet Boys weren’t available). I was a sick kid, looked very physically sick, and she took one look at me up and down, made an “ew” face, but quickly faked a smile for the camera. She’s a grade-A asshole. (Green_Ad_3074)

#2 Dr. Oz

Source: Wikipedia

Dr. Oz has serious serial killer vibes. (LawSchoolFamous)
He’s probably indirectly killed some folks with his awful “medical” advice. (Bone-of-Contention)
The podcast "Behind the Bastards" does a great 2 parter on him. He is a piece of shit, knows it, and is unapologetic about it. (DETtigersOWNyou)

#3 Wendy Williams


After seeing a clip of her mocking Terry Crews for coming out publicly about being sexually assaulted, I can't believe she still gets views. Her audience is a bunch of braindead fuckheads to CLAP at her horrible statements. (AnAwkwardStag)
She looks like someone who's been bullied their whole life so they decided to use their "fame" to bully people. (oliferro)

#4 Mark Zuckerberg

Source: Wikipedia

Can't believe this isn't near the top, but Mark Zuckerberg. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but if someone told me he was a lizard man in a skin suit I would just accept it as fact. Or a sentient lampshade. The guy is creepy as hell, and just about the epitome of a psychopath. Managed to make a shitty website about rating girls' appearances on his college campus into one of the most powerful mega corporations on Earth. (tsavong117)

#5 G-Eazy

Source: fandom

G-Eazy is, a super creepy dude. Kept hitting on my photographer even after she declined him multiple times and said she had a kid and a man. After he left someone from his team gave her a hotel room key which she threw away. (hunteqthemighty)

#6 Steven Seagal

Source: fandom

Everything he has said and done so far is creepy and I’m sure it’s just the tip of the Landberg. (MooseMalloy)
The podcast Behind the Bastards did a couple of great episodes on him a few years ago. He's as bad as you think and worse. They also did a more recent episode where they read some of his shitty books and mock them. Recommend. (farmkidLP)

#7 Jeff Bezos

Source: britannica

Jeff Bezos and his creepy ass laugh. He always sounds like he's laughing in mockery at the rest of the world. (SaintHuck)

#8 Nick Cannon

Source: Wikipedia

The guy who had four kids by three different women in one calendar year? Yeah, kinda skeezy. (Extreme_Old_Lady)
I used to love the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards when I was younger, but when he became a host of the show I watched him bully a fat kid who was trying to enjoy himself on set. I couldn't respect a guy who made fun of kids like that, and it sounds like he's still awful. (RestillHabb)
It's not bad vibes, Nick Cannon is certifiably insane and ridiculously racist and anti-Semitic.

#9 John Travolta

Source: IMDb

John Travolta doesn’t feel human. (CJ00P)
I think he's broken inside because the church of Scientology knows he is gay and doesn't want to admit it, and years of that being held over him just sucked the life out of him. (Obvious_Moose)
I wish deeply that John Travolta could just be an out and proud gay elder and not a weird cultist. (dacalpha)

#10 Jeffree Star

Source: Married Wiki Bio

Couldn't stand him when he was MySpace famous, and I can't stand him now. I was so upset when he became a YouTube "beauty guru." He's been notoriously narcissistic, racist, and just plain awful. (wheres_mayramaines)

#11 James Charles

Source: James Charles

I don’t know about bad vibes, but I know the ankle monitor around James Charles gives bad vibrations when he’s within 500 ft of a school. (THX450)
He talks like his mouth is full of peanut butter. (Poutine_My_Mouth)

#12 Jared Leto

Source: jaredleto

Jared Leto does not seem to be going in a good direction. (MakeShiftJoker)
I have always thought he was more like a soulless automaton. (BasicDesignAdvice)

I was a fan of his (back then amazing) band. It was scary to watch him go off the rails more and more. The weird obsession with sex, the cult bullshit, taking advantage of gullible teens, acting like he's fucking Jesus. I used to adore him as a teen, now he just gives me the ick. Following his career was like watching someone descend into madness. My gut feeling is rarely off, he just gives me the feeling of impending doom. (WhichPolicy4857)

#13 Elisabeth Moss

Source: Steve Granitz

Something about her starring in a cult shows while still being a cult member and defending it doesn’t sit right with me. (ViajeraFrustrada)

#14 Armie Hammer

Source: Wikipedia

He is a weird guy. (GOLDENninjaXbox)
Even before the big scandals broke I had a bad impression of him. There was an interview where he’d said something like he was happily married but things were different because he couldn’t pull his wife’s hair during sex. (StephenKingly)

#15 Andy Dick

Source: Wikipedia

A friend of mine knows him, apparently, he's a self-destructive alcoholic that hates himself. (paperseagul)
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