14 Celebrities Whose Beauty Reach Its Peak With Permanent Makeup

Every day, many women have the same question. How can I do my makeup more quickly? What would make this process easier and more efficient? And Hollywood celebrities have an amazing solution: permanent makeup.
Because they always have some of the busiest schedules, they are increasingly turning to permanent makeup as a method to forgo the time-consuming daily routine of applying makeup. Moreover, celebrities are constantly watched by the public. Therefore, they continually strive for perfection since they don't want to face criticism for poor looks. Thanks to permanent makeup, they can appear confidently fantastic at any time. As a result, the paparazzi who were waiting outside to capture an ugly photo of them might be left disappointed.
From Megan Fox to Angelina Jolie, there is a long list of celebrities who experimented with permanent makeup and have never looked back since. Let’s see what are the most popular treatments these celebrities have done.

#1 Megan Fox: lash extensions and lip fillers

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Megan Fox's before-and-after pictures can be seen all over the internet, showing how dramatically she has changed over the years. She has undergone a number of treatments and surgeries, but lip fillers are the most noticeable. Additionally, her lashes are still rather long in the photographs of her without makeup, indicating that she also enjoys using lash extensions. It can’t be denied that her surgeon and makeup artist did a fantastic job because she looks stunning and natural!

#2 Nicolas Cage: permanent eyeliner

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Who says that permanent makeup is only for females? Nicolas Cage, one of the most well-known actors, has found certain procedures that will make him seem better. He has used eyeliner permanent treatment.

#3 Angelina Jolie: permanent lipstick treatment

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Best known for her breathtaking lips, Angelina Jolie also likes permanent makeup. She wore permanent lipstick and got rid of her sparse brows from the previous decade and enhanced her beauty with microblading.

#4 Jennifer Lopez: eyebrow feathering

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Women around the world envy her flawless appearance. One of the permanent beauty treatments this diva enjoys is feathering her eyebrows with light manual shading, which beautifully highlights her eyes and gives her a dewy, natural makeup appearance

#5 Mila Kunis: microbladed eyebrows

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Mila Kunis decided to get rid of thin, pencil-drawn brows and opt for this super popular treatment.

#6 Eva Mendes: laser treatment and microblading

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Eva admits to using laser, ZIIP electrical facials, and coconut oil to maintain her young appearance. She underwent microblading hair stroke tattooing, so her eyebrows seem completely natural. Although the gorgeous beauty spot is natural, it undoubtedly serves as motivation for women to have a permanent tattoo of one to get the same adorable look.

#7 Elizabeth Taylor: permanent eyebrow and eyeliner makeup

Source:© Courtesy Everett Collection/East News© Courtesy Everett Collection/Everett Collection/East News

Who has never heard of Elizabeth Taylor? The late actress was renowned for both her renowned beauty and her performing filmography. She had gorgeous features that people wonder if she had undergone permanent eyebrow and eyeliner makeup

#8 Pamela Anderson: permanent lip liner

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Pamela Anderson keeps her 1990s brow shape and maintains the style she loves (and the look everyone in the '90s loved). However, she has a little assistance from eyeliner and lip blush. She still looks stunning!

#9 Rihanna: tattooed brows

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She is a fan of tattooed eyebrows. Rihanna has a pretty face, full lips, and stunning eyes. She had tattooed brows to draw attention to her flawless features and give her face a young appearance.

#10 Cher: permanent eyeliner

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Cher is open about her obsession with maintaining her finest appearance, and she adores permanent eyeliner!

#11 Dolly Parton: eyeliner and lip liner

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For decades, Dolly Parton has dazzled audiences all around the country and the world with her voice and her unforgettably made-up style. Some people said that she used eyeliner and lip liner treatments to keep her beautiful features.

#12 Bella Thorne: microbladed eyebrows

Source:© bossmoss/© bellathorne/instagram

Bella Thorne is young and stunning, but she admits that she was once lacking in the brow department. She now proudly sports full, arched brows as a result of microblading, and she Snapchatted the entire process!

#13 Serena Williams: microbladed eyebrows

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Tennis star Serena Williams has recently been seen sporting some foxy, fuller brows. It was the result of skillful microblading by Piret Aava, a microblading expert.

#14 Dustin Hoffman: eyebrow treatment

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Here's another male fan of permanent beauty. Popular actor Dustin Hoffman has undergone eyebrow treatment to enhance his appearance.
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