8 Actors Who Were Quickly Replaced By Other Stars

Anyone who has ever been fired from a job knows that it can be a truly traumatic experience. It's even worse when you know your position is replaced quickly. And in the Entertainment industry, acting is an insecure profession. Therefore, it's normal that our favorite actors are regularly fired and replaced even after they've gotten the role. This proves that being cast in a high-profile movie role is not necessarily a guarantee that you will appear in it.
There are many reasons why actors get replaced on TV shows or films. Sometimes, conflicts can arise for selected characters who then choose to leave. Another reason is when actors don't agree with the scripts, or when producers decide to drop existing cast members or bring in fresh talent. A few actors may also have to make difficult decisions to leave because they have other projects. Whatever the case, these actors were fired from their roles and replaced just weeks, or sometimes even days, after cameras started rolling.
Scroll down to see who are they and why they were replaced! What do you think the movie will be like if they keep playing their roles? Let us know your opinions in the comment below!

#1 "X-Men" : Dougray Scott vs Hugh Jackman

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Back in 2000, Dougray Scott was slated to play Wolverine in the first "X-Men" film. He tried to fit in both films, but Tom Cruise put the breaks on him because he was already filming "Mission Impossible 2". Scott said that it wasn't an injury that prevented him from playing Wolverine, but rather Cruise's refusal to let him. Ultimately, Hugh Jackman, who was outstanding in the part, took his position.

#2 "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" : Julianne Moore vs Melissa McCarthy

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Despite being chosen to play the lead role in the film "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" Julianne Moore was fired owing to creative disputes. At first, that was a disaster, but once Melissa McCarthy was hired to handle the job, everything got back on track. It's difficult to conceive how Julianne Moore would have looked in the part. The film received favorable reviews, and McCarthy was nominated for an Academy Award.

#3 "The Panic Room" : Nicole Kidman vs Jodie Foster

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Nicole Kidman had a persistent knee ailment from her work on "Moulin Rouge", which she had completed before shooting "The Panic Room". She decided to quit since she was unable to maintain the level of fitness required for her role. Jodie Foster was hired in her stead when she was pregnant 5 weeks into filming. The filming went smoothly, although the crew had to take particular care of her when she was performing her stunts.

#4 "V for Vendetta" : James Purefoy vs Hugo Weaving

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Before he made the decision to leave the picture, Purefoy had already been filming "V for Vendetta" for a month. He gave this explanation since he couldn't perform in the movie while wearing his mask. That was a major setback for the filmmaker, who replaced him with Hugo Weaving but kept Purefoy’s scenes in the final cut. That was done because reshooting everything would take too much time.

#5 "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" : Megan Fox vs Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Megan Fox was let go from "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" in 2009 after telling the media that director Michael Bay was a nightmare to deal with. The producers asked her to apologize, but when she refused, they had to replace her. Although she hasn't apologized for what she said about Michael Bay, she now understands that she shouldn’t have acted the way she did back then. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley so replaced her in the film.

#6 "Apocalypse Now" : Harvey Keitel vs Martin Sheen

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Harvey Keitel was fired by Francis Ford Coppola as the principal actor in "Apocalypse Now" because the director believed he was unfit for the role. According to Coppola, Keitel didn't seem to be at ease when filming in the woods. Keitel himself has said that he wasn’t afraid of being in the jungle, but there is no bad blood between the two men. Martin Sheen was cast to take Keitel's place, and Coppola still thinks this was the best choice for the movie.

#7 "Knocked Up": Anne Hathaway vs Katherine Heigl

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Anne Hathaway and Seth Rogen were cast as the leads in the film "Knocked Up". She disagreed, though, with the choice to use real footage of a woman giving birth just to create the illusion that she is giving birth. So, she decided to walk away from the project. And then her role was played by Katherine Heigl despite auditions from Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kate Bosworth.

#8 "Paddington Bear" : Colin Firth vs Ben Whishaw

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"Paddington Bear" was originally going to be voiced by Colin Firth, but the producers weren't pleased with how his voice sounded. The decision to leave the project was amicable and Ben Whishaw was hired to fill Firth’s voice. Whishaw first resisted the idea since he had a horrible experience in the past and wasn't convinced he would be qualified. But he got the job done, and the outcomes were just what the producers wanted.
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