10 Movies That Changed Due To Actors' Bad Behavior

It is always enjoyable to watch actors fighting with bad guys on the screen to save their girlfriends or families or for any good reason. But it’s so weird to witness the actors fight with their co-actors or film crew members. Still, some actors are more famous for their dramatic stories than their acting skills. That means they get a stingy reputation for being problematic and super dramatic on the film set that it literally becomes a remarkable challenge for the filmmakers and even writers to deal with them.
Directors and writers sometimes bite the bullet to save their hard-earned dimes because of the bad behavior of actors on set. Some actors and actresses actually have broken records for their ruthless manner toward people surrounding them, making the filmmakers and the rest of the cast unpleasant with their existence in the project. These nasty but epic stories about the on-film-set rivalries between actors and other members of the film crew will truly make someone raise their eyebrows.
Today, we have compiled a list of 10 movies that changed because of actors' destructive or brutal behaviors. Let’s scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Patrick Stewart (Star Trek)

Source: @geeky.news

Patrick Stewart tore Michake Piler's heart apart into shreds when he read the script for Star Trek. He wrote him his criticisms in a letter that was so sharp and hurtful. And the letter had its fair share of charm since it made Michael re-write the script.

#2 Channing Tatum (This is the End)

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While filming This is the End, Channing Tatum was asked to ere a thong to portray the character of a hobble. At that time, Emma and changing Tatum were co-actors in that scene, but he failed to amuse the actress, causing Emma refused to keep working on that scene. We won't blame  Tatum because how was he supposed to know that he is not all that charming in Emma's eyes.

#3 Ben Affleck (Gone Girl)

Source: @insider

In the movie, Gone Girl, Ben Affleck was asked to wear a Yankees Hat for his role. But he is a hardcore Red Sox fan and refused to shoot for four days. The producers bit sour grapes for Ben that made the writers change the script so that he could wear his favorite Mats hat.

#4 Crispin Glover (Charlie’s Angels)

Source: @pulse

People love Crispin Glover because of his amazing acting skills. But the writer of the movie "Chalie's Angel" might not think so. Crispin Glover requested to change the ending of the movie because he felt it was "bad, distasteful writing". It was horrible and depicted horrible on his behavior.

#5 Edward Norton (The Incredible Hulk)

Source: @VNCMM15

Edward Norton decided to be on the list of actors who significantly changed the movie with their terrible behavior by involving in a cold war with the director while he was filming The Incredible Hulk.

#6 Sam Worthington (Clash of the Titans)

Source: @1zoom

Sam Worthington even felt threatened by a mechanical during his shoot in Clash of the Titans. Because the actor believed he was overshadowed by an owl who craked jokes way better than him. So he decided to get the whole script change.

#7 Marlon Brandon (Apocalypse Now)

Source: @imdb

In the movie "Apocalypse Now", Marlon Bradon didn't want to memorize the lines anymore, so a teleprompter needed to display his lines to get the movie grilling. Still, he also changed the script so many times. But, in the end, the result of that script was a decent movie, so all is forgiven for Marlon.

#8 Mariah Carey (The House)

Source: @mir24

Mariah Carey who was hired for a cameo in the movie "The House", decided to opt out of it at that last minute by sending a text "Can't do it" to her producers. The producers later poured the money down the drain with this one and paid the whole cast and film crew for that day without any reason.

#9 Wesley Snipes (Blade Trinity)

Source: @myseldon

Wesley Snipers caused some real damage to the movie Blade Trinity and earned the title of a "difficult actor" when Wesley refused to show up for pretty intense scenes. And the producers hated to feel the pinch, so they changed the script and gave more scene time to Ryan Reynolds instead.

#10 Faye Dunaway (The Temp)

Source: @teleguide

In The Temp’s ending, Faye Dunaway was known as the killer but the actress didn’t want to end the movie like it was originally planned. She decided to be the grief-stricken victim instead which lead the director to order the script to be changed according to Faye’s demand.
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