22 Fascinating Tweets From Celebrities That Make Your Day

Likely, you follow at least a few celebrities, entertainers, and public figures you enjoy on social media. It's quite OK to be curious about the activities of these celebrities and their opinions on matters that are significant to you personally, Pandas. However, we shouldn't truly anticipate that celebrity posts would always be so serious. They like having a little fun now and again. (Some more than others—Ryan Reynolds, we're looking at you!)
Browse the list of the most incredible celebrity tweets to ever appear on social media, and don't forget to vote up the ones you believe should be recognized online. Have we overlooked any more fantastic tweets? Share with us all the beautiful things your favorite famous Twitter users have said in the comments.
"Celebrities have to be extremely careful and thoughtful when tweeting because their tweets are being monitored by the media, which can amplify what they are saying beyond the people on Twitter. According to the expert, speed, timing, and agility are everything if someone happens to mess up on social media.
"You’ve got to move fast if there’s a massive negative backlash to a tweet because the backlash can spread so quickly. The best action is to admit you were wrong, apologize, and state you are deleting the offending tweet." According to Mike, A celebrity expert.
Although the offending tweet's screenshots will continue to remain, Mike said that "deleting your tweet shows honesty in that you understand it was the wrong thing to say." To put it another way, fans must realize that their favorite celebrities genuinely regret their actions rather than merely feigning regret to appease the public.
Hollywood's Ultimate Insider showed us how to create a powerful, extensive tweet. "One of these five requirements must be satisfied for a tweet to have an impact: Be entertaining, thought-provoking, hilarious, motivating, or initiate a dialogue."

1. Dolly Parton - A special human being

2. Danny Trejo - He look pretty tough, but still has a sense of humor and does silly stuff

3. MeCookieMonster - Try to read that in his voice

4. VancityReynolds

5. Still VancityReynolds

They're juggling

6. OfficialDannyT -  Tough guy with lovely dog

7. MonicaLewinsky with great attitude

8. HamillHimself

9. RobertIrwin - He is super wholesome

10. RealHughJackman - Hugh and Deb are marriage goals

11. ChrisEvans, yeah perfect!

12. Cher - The older she comes, the prettier she gets

13. MarkHamill


15. StephenKing

16. SusanSarandon - How about a Rocky Horror remake?

17. ReeseW

18. Korndiddy - super hot

19. Tonyhawk with a daily story


21. AdamSandler - That is admirable

22. OfficialDannyT with one of the best things in his life: Watching his kids growing up

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