7 Embarrassing Moments Of Actors On Set That Provide Lots Of Belly Laughs

Embarrassment usually comes when we are at our most insecure. It is thought that actors who are regarded as the kings and queens in the cinema industry get embarrassed far less than any of us regular people. Actors get used to putting themselves in vulnerable situations or film scenes that require them to express themselves as if they are on cloud nine.
However, it doesn’t mean that they never feel ashamed. Sometimes, it just happens when they are fewer clothes than usual or have to kiss their co-stars in front of the crowd. The countless dilemmas have happened during filmmaking that gives us a glimpse into how it could be either an interesting task or a challenging one.
Get ready for some of the embarrassing moments of actors during filming.

#1 Jake Gyllenhaal kissed his crush, Aniston

Source: Frazer Harrison

Jake Gyllenhaal admitted that he had a crush on Aniston for years but he felt ashamed of working with his childhood crush, especially when they had the sex scene.

#2 Kristen Schaal farted on her co-star during filming

Source: k.schaal

Kristen Schaal is actually a hilarious actress. During filming “Last Man on Earth”, she had a "sensitive" scene with Will Forte and the actress was sitting on him. As she was talking dirty, she farted on her co-star. It is so funny, isn't it?

#3 Oscar Isaac had awkward hello nods

Source: fandom

Oscar Isaac is really friendly and easy-going. On the set, he was trying to be as friendly as he could. Every time the director looked his way, the actor would raise his chin and eyebrows and say “hi” to his director.

#4 Anne Hathaway undressed at rehearsal

Source: annehathaway

Anne Hathaway reportedly once came to the set of “Love & Other Drugs” for a scene where she was required to take off her cloth. She took her clothes off and only realized afterward that it was just a rehearsal. She must be humiliating.

#5 Simon Pegg tricked the cast into wearing “neutron cream”

Source: Samir Hussein

Simon Pegg is funny to work with. He once played a prank on his co-stars on the set of “Star Trek Into Darkness”. He told the cast they all needed to wear "neutron cream" to protect them from the "lasers”.

#6 Gucci Mane fell asleep during “Spring Breakers”

Source: laflare1017

In an interview with Vulture, Gucci Mane recalled the long working hours on the set of “Spring Breakers” that he fell asleep during a sex scene. Besides the touring, he completed it around the time he was filming the movie.

#7 Emilia Clarke had an uncomfortable toilet experience on “Game of Thrones”

Source: emilia_clarke

“Game of Thrones was a fantasy series that left us with a lot of memorable moments. It is not just on the screen but also on the set. For one scene of the movie, she was required to eat around 23 “hearts” that were made from the jam. However, the hearts spewed really sticky which made her run to a toilet immediately, and then she had accidentally gotten herself stuck to the toilet.
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