20 Female Celebrities Who Are Much Older Than You Think

Hollywood celebs always try to look as perfect as possible, so sometimes there are celebrities who are way older than they actually look.
I once wondered that did these non-aging women discover the fountain of youth? Can you believe that Halle Berry is over 50 and Katie Couric is over 60? Despite the fact that these famous women all have different looks, they do have similarities, which is the excellent attitude about getting older.
The key to their success is maintaining strict guidelines for both nutrition and exercise. It’s not necessarily pricey plastic surgery, but rather about lifestyle choices. They maintain a healthy diet, engage in regular exercise, and sleep a lot.
Check out these 20 celebs who are much older than you might imagine. They prove that age has no limit on beauty and that aging should be dealt with more moxie.

#1 Angela Bassett, 63

Source: @im.angelabassett

Despite being 63, Angela Bassett maintains a breathtaking look. Bassett says that going to the gym as frequently as she can and raising her twins with her husband Courtney B. Vance have both helped slow down the aging process. Bassett followed a skin care process with a dermatologist, which help to explain how she can keep such a bright glow.

#2 Anna Kendrick, 36

Source: @annakendrick47

In "Pitch Perfect", Kendrick plays a college graduate; however, she is in her 30s. The actress still looks young and naive as she did in Up in the Air, but she has the energy of a college student. It's amazing to know that movie was released almost ten years ago.

#3 Drew Barrymore, 47

Source: @drewbarrymore

Barrymore has been famous since E.T., but it's still hard to imagine her as a woman in the forties. She has moved from acting to directing, producing, and even launching her own fashion collection, but she still has the lovely vibe of a person half her age.

#4 Eva Mendes, 48

Source: @evamendes

Eva Mendes was born in 1974. She is now just as gorgeous as she was in the 2001 film Training Day, despite the fact that she has two kids.

#5 Gabrielle Union, 50

Source: @gabunion

Gabrielle Union was born in 1972 and she is frequently asked about how and where she got that youthful appearance. Interestingly, saying "no" and "hell no" is her best anti-aging advice. "Saying yes to everything makes us exhausted, whether it's for our careers, partners, or families. I keep my stress levels under control. Even if many people accuse me of being selfish, I don't have wrinkles," Union says.

#6 Gwen Stefani, 53

Source: @gwenstefani

Stefani, who was born in 1969, appears stunning even without makeup. The pop-punk singer still has the same youthful beauty as she did when she first entered the music industry with No Doubt more than 20 years ago. Her secret? Stefani thought that the reason was that she fell in love with Blake Shelton and wrote an album about it.

#7 Halle Berry, 55

Source: @halleberry

Halle Berry, an Academy Award winner and former beauty queen, was born in 1966. She has a grace and elegance that rival any leading lady in Hollywood. She once shared that her tough skincare routine is the key to her beauty.

#8 Jennifer Aniston, 53

Source: @jenniferaniston

Jennifer Aniston's innate beauty has made her age meaningless in an industry that typically classifies actresses by their chronological age. The 1969-born former Friends star believes getting older should be a reason to celebrate.

#9 Jennifer Lopez, 53

Source: @jlo

Jennifer Lopez, who was born in 1969, still has one of the most incredible bodies in the Entertainment industry. By getting enough sleep and starting each day with meditation and affirmations, Lopez credits her great looks. She puts a lot of effort into maintaining her physical fitness, and because she enjoys dancing, she scarcely considers it exercise.

#10 Julianne Moore, 62

Source: @juliannemoore

Julianne Moore, who was born in 1960, has been a Hollywood icon for more than three decades. The Academy Award-winning actress handles aging in Hollywood with an excellent attitude. She doesn't feel pressured to look younger and really considers becoming older as a blessing.

#11 Katie Couric, 65

Source: @katiecouric

Katie Couric, who was born in 1957, has been on the air for more than 30 years. Couric says that she doesn't do anything particularly special or shocking to aging so gracefully. She exercises at spinning classes, checks up on what she eats, and she also has a great makeup artist and a stage light that can disguise her line and wrinkle.

#12 M.I.A, 47

Source: @miamatangi

In 2005, M.I.A. released her first album and became famous in the music industry. You probably weren't aware that she was 30 at the time. This implies that the star, who appears young as she is in her twenties, is actually 47 years old!

#13 Rachel McAdams, 44

Source: @rachelmcadams1

This woman seems to never get older. She played a high school "Queen B" in "Mean Girls" in 2004, when she had just turned 26. And now, she still looks the same at age 44.

#14 Rebel Wilson, 42

Source: @rebelwilson

The Pitch Perfect star, who was born in 1980, faced controversy in 2015 after a journalist said Wilson misled him about her age. Wilson claimed to be 29 at the time, but she was actually 35, the reporter claimed.

#15 Reese Witherspoon, 46

Source: @reesewitherspoon

From Election to her most recent hit with Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon is a master at exploring the less savory aspects of perkiness in addition to being warm and charming. It's hard to imagine her as a woman in her forties!

#16 Salma Hayek, 56

Source: @salmahayek

This attractive movie star, who was born in 1966, could easily be mistaken for someone much younger. But Hayek doesn't really care about how she looks. In terms of aging, Hayek is more concerned with function than with form.

#17 Sandra Bullock, 58

Source: @sandra.bullock.official

To look younger, Sandra Bullock focuses a lot on self-care. The 1964-born actress claims that she has never taken Botox or undergone any type of plastic surgery. Instead, taking care of herself is the key to her beautiful aging.

#18 Shakira, 45

Source: @shakira

The talented singer, who was born in 1977, explains her youthful skin as trying to keep it clear and free as much as possible. Shakira acknowledges that she frequently skips makeup when she isn't performing. She has emphasized that she looks better now than when she applied a lot of makeup.

#19 Stacey Dash, 55

Source: @therealstaceydash

Despite being 55 years old, Stacey Dash doesn't seem to be aging. She even had one ELLE reporter jokingly speculating about her appearance at a special anniversary screening of Clueless in 2014: "Whether she is getting regular vampire facials, has the toddler glow, or is just sucking the souls out of young children, I'm desperately trying to crack this case because I'm pretty clueless as to how she's staying just so perfect."

#20 Sofía Vergara, 50

Source: @sofiavergara

Sofía Vergara, who was born in 1972, felt confident enough in her body to pose naked for the Women's Health cover. The star of Modern Family isn't worried about getting older at all.
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