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4 Stupid Jokes From Celebs That Everyone Took It Seriously

Celebrities are awful, and they often say ridiculous things. However, did you know that occasionally when famous people talk, they're not entirely serious? Crazy, we know. We all become upset due to things that celebrities never intended or did. So now we'd want to give you the go-ahead to cease hating on stars for the following offenses and to hate them for various other transgressions.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow With The Candle

In her Goop shop, actress Gwyneth Paltrow offers a scented candle that mimics the aroma of her vagina. According to a listing on Goop's web store,, the 47-year-old actor's business is selling a candle called "This Smells Like My Vagina,"
According to the product's description, Paltrow and perfumer Douglas Little made a joke about it while working on a scent for the company Heretic. When the two were evaluating perfumes, the actress said, "Uhhh..this smells like a vagina."
"It transformed into a charming, lovely, sultry, and wonderfully surprising aroma. Geranium, zesty bergamot, cedar absolutes, Damask rose, and ambrette seed are combined to create a scent that evokes imagination, sensuality, and a chic warmth, "read the summary.
nullPaltrow has already spoken up about her intimate areas. The Oscar-winning performer admitted in 2016 that she had tried vaginal steaming. She acknowledged being skeptical at first before becoming addicted to the aesthetic procedures.

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2. Ben Shapiro And "WAP"
On his most recent edition of The Ben Shapiro Show, which aired on Monday, August 10, Shapiro deconstructed the hypersexual song and deciphered its NSFW lyrics as the censored music video played in the background.
He recited Cardi's first line, passionately saying, "Wet a- p-word, p-word means female genitalia." "And it gets very, incredibly obscene, like a lot vulgarer."
Shapiro continued by talking about how "WAP" exemplifies the feminist movement as a whole once the stanza was finished. He said on the radio that this was what feminists had battled for. "This is the core of the feminist movement. It's not actually about treating women like autonomous, whole humans. The topic is the wet a- p-word. You see, if you say anything else, it's because you're a sexist.
Some Twitter users stated how The Daily Wire editor-in-chief had the reverse impact of what the song is about, while others remixed the famous music video using auto-tuned snatches of Shapiro's raw audio in place of the Grammy-winning lead singer. Comedian Matt Braunger said that "Ben Shapiro speaking the lyrics out loud dried up all the WAPs in the world," while others called it the "most effective" way to stop "WAPs."
After his video went viral, Shapiro posted an explanation on Twitter, stating, "Listen, folks. On the program, I went into great detail on how it is sexist to question whether or not graphic depictions of "wet-ass p****" are empowering for women. "WAP" is unmistakably a significant declaration of women's empowerment in the tradition of Susan B. Anthony. However, the 36-year-old public speaker also said that given his wife's doctor's prognosis, it could require medical attention.

3. Manufactured Comedy Of Ellen

We are frequently tempted to assert that we never loved a celebrity and that no one ever did when we find out or conclude they are wrong. It's not honest, even though it makes abandoning them simpler. Additionally, your ongoing effort to classify celebrities is not the best course of action. What will you do if the next artist to be exposed as owning an orphan torture dungeon is someone you publicly declared to love?
The following video, now well known as Zac Efron and Taylor Swift criticizing Ellen, went viral. The two visitors start singing about how it "gets extraordinary" every time they come on. Years later, the internet said, "Wow." With this unexpected exposé of her toxicity, they ambushed her!
Nobody was ambushed. Everyone involved in the show's production, from Ellen to the team in charge of the mic levels to the person in charge of getting the crowd to clap in time to the music, knew this song would be performed. She is not called out by Taylor or Zac for racially discriminating against employees, allowing sexual misbehavior, or any of the other charges that ultimately led to the cancellation of her program.
They "call her out" to watch cat videos, play practical jokes, and chat with other guests. If Ellen appears uncomfortable, it's because she's forced to remain motionless as the group sings "Happy Birthday."
Regarding those practical jokes, the clip mentions a time when Ellen shocked Taylor backstage by setting up a hidden camera, and they both burst out laughing. People who don't understand what misbehavior is now exclaimed, "This foretold all the wrongdoing!" Yes, the trick is humorous since the visitor has to act as if they hate it. But the host doesn't mind the joke at all.nullnull
Taylor Swift would have laughed at first but afterward instructed her assistant Judith to get in touch with the show and ask for the part to be removed if she had truly disapproved of how the joke ended (let's assume it was a real prank and not manufactured). Everyone on the show, save Ellen herself, would have been killed and put in the sea if the piece had been broadcast regardless.

4. Elon Musk With $6 Billion For For World Hunger
Fact-checkers later confirmed absolutely that happened—meaning, yes, those folks honestly tweeted what they claimed to have posted, which you can't always take for granted when you hear these stories. Elon never actually committed $6 billion, though. He made that mocking promise while posing an unachievable challenge.
If WFP could explain how that sum eliminates world hunger, he stated he would sell $6 billion in Tesla stock "right now" (an overly bold gesture he could not legally make). Solve is essential since $6 billion will not end world hunger. When distributed across hundreds of millions, an outrageous sum for one individual to hold becomes relatively modest. The opposite of wealth inequality is that.
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