10 Times Celebs And Ordinary People Look Like 2 Peas In A Pod

Not so many people meet their doppelgänger in the real world. According to BBC reports, there is only a one in 135 chance that a single pair of look-alike individuals exist on the Earth. Still, the population of the globe is now nearly 8 billion. That means we always have a chance to find a person who shares the identical feature with us. With that population density, we can truly find our own doppelgänger anywhere and anyone, including celebrities who occupy only 0.0086% of the world population.
When people look at these statistics, some won’t believe an ordinary person has a celebrity’s doppelgänger because that rare chance can’t persuade anyone. Indeed, they might change their mind when seeing the impact of a slight chance on a massive number. Yes, it somehow still happens to prove many magical stories in modern life.
Someone may wonder why we talk too much without evidence? So here are ten examples that we got a glimpse of our favorite celebs while looking at other people.

#1 “Lady Di. Or my mother?”

Source: © Robotics/Reddit© Princess Diana Archive / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

They look like two drops of water. Interestingly, the babies were taken in photos at the same age and also have some similar traits.

#2 “My dad is Howard Stern’s doppelgänger.”

Source: © crystalek412/Reddit© s_bukley /

They are lookalike from the face, hairstyle, and shape of their bodies. What is more? The glasses?

#3 “Portrait of my dad, somewhere in Africa, 1975.”

Source: © katewhytephoto/Reddit, Mary Evans/Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot. / East News

 “That’s Ryan Gosling.” ihadapurplepony / Reddit.
Indeed, someone might think the picture on the left is Ryan without the subtitle below.

#4 “DC tour guide looked a little familiar.”

Source: © iimmot / Reddit© serjtankian / Instagram

“It’s Serj Tankian.” MikeOlive1 / Reddit
They actually copied the beard of each other.

#5 “Who is my brother’s doppelgänger?”

Source: © DasSockenmo*ter / Reddit© DenisMakarenko /

“Quentin Tarantino” wloper / Reddit
It's so amazing.

#6 “Do I have a doppelgänger?”

Source: © wats1010/Reddit© Tinseltown /

“Elijah Wood” PootMagic / Reddit
Looking at their shape of beards and eye color, they have totally no different.

#7 “My friend watched all of Stranger Things season 3 without realizing his resemblance to Alexei/ Alec Utgoff.”

Source: © MrSpiarmf / Reddit© Stranger Things / Netflix and coproducers

They even copied their smile on each other.

#8 “Meghan Markle. I get this often. ”

Source: © Kangelstardust / Reddit© Robin Utrecht /

The most impressive one is their beautiful lips.

#9 “My grandparent's wedding in Brazil,1940.”

Source: © MommaIsBoredto***th / Reddit© Ga Fullner /

“So your grandpa was Tom Holland?” Wildlyunspecific / Reddit
This picture would define the doppelgänger.

#10 “My sister wants to know if she has any doppelgängers.”

Source: © bestfu*ralever04 / Reddit© Kathy Hutchins /

“Michelle Trachtenberg” angryboxes / Reddit
They are not only lookalike but also stunning.
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