12 Actors And Actress Who Refused To Promote Their Own Movies

Have you ever thought about how a film production company works to have a successful movie? Have you noticed attractive movie posters, hoardings on the street, eye-catching teasers, and promising trailers on the internet? They are all the way a film production company reaches a massive amount of movie-loving audience before the movie premiere. It truly plays a vital role in attracting more audiences to the film. The enormous budget movies can earn from peanuts to some handful amount, but they might not get the fame and will fade away as time goes by. So promoting the movie is very important to make a film successful or at least secure the revenue even if the movie fails.
However, some actors refused to promote their own movies for some reason. Perhaps these actors who disagreed with something that happened in their films were unwilling to do it. Or, maybe there are some changes in the movies that they weren't happy about them. When you decided to turn down the opportunities to get more fame and wealth, it must have been a severe problem you couldn’t handle before the movie's release.
Below are 15 actors who decided to deny promoting their own movies before premiering. Let’s check them out!

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic 3D)

Source: @europapress

Although Titanic brought Leonardo DiCaprio a lot of success, he was not too keen on promoting the movie in 2012 when it was released in 3D because he felt it was unnecessary to be promoted.

#2 George Clooney (Several)

Source: @wikipedia

In early 2010, George Clooney appeared at the Venice Film Festival to promote his movie The Men Who Stare at Goats. Bit there was a journalist stripped to his underwear to declare his love for him. Later Clooney stops promoting most of his own movies.

#3 Edward Norton (The Incredible Hulk)

Source: @vanityfair

Edward Norton refused to promote The Incredible Hul because of being unsatisfied with the overall product. It’s no doubt that Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo in all the plans of the MCU.

#4 Lindsay Lohan (The Canyons)

Source: @ew

Lindsay Lohan didn’t attend the Venice Film Festival to promote the movie The Canyons, which made director Paul Schrader shift the movie’s European premiere from Locarno to Venice so that she could make her post-rehab appearance. Lohan first announced her sickness but later stated that she was never even scheduled to attend the Venice Film Festival.

#5 Marlon Brando (The Freshman)

Source: @imdb

Because Marlon Brando worked an extra week to complete the shooting, he asked for an additional $1 million but was turned down. Therefore, he started publicly bashing the movie instead of promoting it. After being paid for his extra work, Brando spoke out a public apology and praised the film.

#6 Mo’Nique (Precious)

Source: @theguardian

Mo’ Nique believed that director Lee Daniels blacklisted her in Hollywood because she didn’t promote the movie Precious outside the US free of charge. The actress revealed she signed on for merely $50,000 to star in and promote the film.

#7 Robin Williams (Aladdin)

Source: @fanpop

Robin William refused to promote his movie Aladdin because of the issue between Disney and the actor.

#8 Daniel Craig (Dream House)

Source: @imdb

Daniel Craig refused to promote the movie Dream House because the head of Morgan Creek Productions eventually locked horns during the production over the script, and the entire project suffered.

#9 Bill Cosby (Leonard Part 6)

Source: @imdb

The Leonard Part 6 received terrible reviews because of its lack of humor, product placement, and nonsensical screenplay. That’s why Bill Cosby was so embarrassed by his movie project that he refused to promote it. He even advised people not to watch the movie.

#10 Willie Aames and Phoebe Cates (Paradise)

Source: @imdb

The prominent stars Willie Aames and Phoebe Cates were both uncomfortable with the amount of nudity in the 1982 Paradise. Unfortunately, producer Lantos turned down their request. Although the two were upset about his decision, they still promoted the movie with no intention.

#11 Vince Vaughn (Four Christmases)

Source: @nytimes

Vince Vaughn was expected to promote Four Christmases, but he turned down the request because he didn’t get along with his co-star Witherspoon. Anyway, Four Christmases was a box office success.

#12 Paris Hilton (National Lampoon’s Pledge This!)

Source: @imdb

Paris Hilton didn’t attend the premiere of the House of Wax because the producer shot additional nude scenes to score an R-rating that made the actress refuse to promote the movie.
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