10 Weird Tricks That Help Celebrities Sparkle On The Red Carpet

The red carpet is the place where celebrities walk down while cameras flash celebrities to record their fashion style and people shout to call their names. The events have helped plenty of famous people become the center of attention overnight. In fact, it often lasts long hours and requires a lot of effort and patience to look stunning in pictures.
Behind their flawlessness, there is a bunch of tricks to dazzle us with their beauty. Many celebrities have to wear shoes in a big size, use tape to make their garments fit perfectly, or utilize soap to tame stubborn zippers before hitting the red carpet.
We got curious to learn what our favorites do to shine bright at the red carpet events and we uncovered some of their unexpected tricks.

#1 They comb their hair with a toothbrush

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A celebrity hairstylist revealed that using a toothbrush is the best way to have perfect hair. Celebrities use a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray to make their hair not mess up.

#2 They use deodorant to soften shoes

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If a celebrity’s shoes are extremely tight to wear, deodorant will be used to soften the shoe enough for the foot to slide like silk into it.

#3 They use hairspray to fight static

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Static electricity is always a trouble for celebrities. To get rid of this, many stylists use aerosol hairspray on the inside of garments. The trick is useful that deal with this problem.

#4 They use soap to tame unruly zippers

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Although celebrities often check their garments before events, unexpected situations can happen. When the zippers get stuck, they rub a bar of soap on the area to move them up or down.

#5 They wear a scarf to avoid makeup stains

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Make-up stains happen regularly at the events. There is a super quick and easy hack to prevent it that wear a small square of fabric or a scarf on the neck.

#6 They remove lipstick stains with hairspray

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Lipstick stains are especially brutal. The longer you get lipstick to sit, the more the stain will set. Many celebrities and their stylists use hairspray to save their outfits.

#7 They get out of the car with both legs together

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Celebrities’ stylists recommend that famous people should put both legs and move them out of the car door to look more glamorous.

#8 They wear foundation on their ears

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Celebrities’ ears sometimes look redder than their face, which becomes their weak spot on the red carpet. To avoid the situation, celebrities apply foundation, reaching all the ears, past the hairline, and down to the neck.

#9 They use eyeshadow to whiten their teeth

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To boost their teeth bright, many celebrities utilized eyeshadow. It is a temporary fix but it’s hardly noticeable and last long enough for posing.

#10 They wear dry shampoo on the neck

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Sometimes, the stage heat makes celebrities’ hair stick around their neck, so they apply a bit of dry shampoo on their necks to remove hair sticking to sweaty skin.
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