15 Iconic Scenes That Made A Movie Everlasting

When we’re watching a movie, it’s unavoidable that there are good and bad scenes. Indeed, it might be a long-lasting debate to decide which scene is truly bad or not. Because everyone has their own debatable opinions, not many people are willing to accept the opposing ideas. However, we can all agree that some movie scenes have become iconic and can represent a movie or evoke a lot of nostalgia.
Needless to say, we might all have at least one memorable scene when enjoying our favorite movies.Actually, we can come up with a list of the most iconic scenes where we just can't decide which one is the best. For example, when it comes to Avengers: Endgame, we all know the moment when the Avengers squad gathering confronts the battle with Thanos. That fantastic cinematic scene definitely gave the audience goosebumps. And it's truly a great scene that so many people replay again and again. Or the unshakeable violinists in Titanic are also worth mentioning. It certainly causes a complicated feeling for the audience.
Here are 15 iconic scenes that you might not want to miss. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1 Avengers Assemble (Avengers: Endgame)

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The standout scene throughout the Avengers franchise is when Captain America says, "Avengers assemble." in the battle with Thanos. You can find the chills running through your spine as you see the whole franchise coming up to aid the original Avengers.

#2 The Unshakeable Violinists (Titanic)

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The scene where Jack and Rose stay afloat on the wooden plank might be on the list. But the unshakeable violinists are also so impressive that you can feel the goosebumps jumping up in unison when those violin tunes hit your ears.

#3 See You Again (Furious 7)

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This scene becomes so iconic that generations will remember it as they say goodbye to their friends.
The scene associated with the song as they drift to different destinations is something you can choose for a sad movie night any day!

#4 The Story of Ellie and Carl (UP)

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The iconic scene that makes the film stand out is the story of Ellie and Carl, which takes place over a few emotional minutes.
The way they were together from childhood to adulthood, overcoming good and evil together, always with love in their hearts for each other, is a tribute to all married couples.

#5 The Card Display (Love Actually)

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In Love Actually, a scene still remembered and re-enacted in later shows and movies, the card is shown by Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln).
The way he shows his love on each card is an unexpected, sweet, and romantic moment that you will never forget.

#6 The DMV (Zootopia)

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This fun-filled friendship comedy is about the iconic scene at the DMV. The depiction and symbolism of a sloth character are both funny and memorable.

#7 The Sentimental Moment (The Dark Knight Rises)

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The performance of Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises cannot be ignored.
Throughout the film, she is portrayed as a fierce, dominating woman, but the moment she begs Batman to stay, it shows how easily one can fall in love.

#8 Opening Scene (Baby Driver)

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The best scene in this movie has to be the opening title when Baby Driver synchronizes the song perfectly with the daily life routine.
He managed to run coffee while humming and dancing to the tune.

#9 Neville’s Dominating Moment (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows II)

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The scene of Neville’s shining moment in the last movie would be argumentative.
However, the moment he killed Nagini with the Gryffindor sword played an essential role in making Voldemort vulnerable and aided Harry one step closer to victory.

#10 The Spinning Top (Inception)

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In this movie, many such scenes take place with many people's dreams. But this final scene still obscures the protagonist's desire to find a happy ending.

#11 The Alternate Reality (La La Land)

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The last ten minutes in La La Land is how every romance plays out in our minds, in a perfect world. No words can do justice to the emotions of that ten-minute.

#12 My Precious (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)


It's one of the trilogy's most iconic scenes and remains to this day. And it may not have been intended as a comedic scene, but the world remembers it as a beautiful voice.
Something rang in their ears when they had something they considered unique.

#13 The Ukulele Song (Blue Valentine)

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But the scene where Dean plays the ukulele for Cindy is enough for being on this list. And it’s also the beginning of their relationship is just in rhythm to how their relationship fades at the end of the movie.

#14 Years of Messages (Interstellar)

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Interstellar is one of the most beautiful films to be introduced into cinema. While there are many standout scenes in the film, one of the most remarkable has to be the years-long valuable messages delivered in a single reel.

#15 A Woody Fix (Toy Story 2)

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Woody is seen fixing everything in the franchise. But the seller selects Woody to create a pleasing effect on the viewer.
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