13 Stunning Red-Head Actresses Who Tried A Different Color But Found That Ginger Is Their Perfect Hue

In Hollywood, an iconic style is a boon for the fame of a star, and hair is an integral part of that. In fact, there are many actresses who gain fans via their iconic hair. Amongst many hairstyles, red is the solid choice of many famous actresses. It gives them an appealing look that makes it hard for us to get away.
Some actresses luckily possess natural red hair. So they don't need to dye their locks, yet they grip attention with their natural hue. Without hair dying, their hair is also healthier, so taking care of their hair is just a breeze.
Actresses occasionally change their hair color to revamp their looks. However, that’s presumably wrong for some actresses, as ginger is their calling card. In this post, we're gonna introduce 13 actresses that impress audiences with their stunning redheads, while other hair colors do not.

#1 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan is a born redhead. That makes her impressive when she was a child actress. She has tried blonde for a long time and really loved it. However, the actress looks more appealing with her natural hair hue.

#2 Emma Stone

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It’s safe to say that Emma Stone and red hair go hand-in-hand, yet she's actually a natural blonde. Sometimes, she returns to her natural hair, yet she prefers ginger as her coloring is similar to a redhead, which looks perfect on her.

#3 Amy Adams

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Like Emma Stone, Amy Adams is a natural blonde, but ginger seems to be intertwined with her appearance. At her 27, she began coloring her hair, and she claims that it has "dramatically altered her acting career" - definitely in a good manner.

#4 Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman’s hair is naturally red. She frequently sports blonde hair and dons wigs of various hues. Presumably, she’s better to keep her natural redhead.

#5 Evan Rachel Wood

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Evan Rachel Wood is another natural blonde hair on this list. In an interview, she shared that bright red is the only color she likes her hair to be.

#6 Jessica Chastain

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Jessica Chastain's red hair is totally natural. She wears wigs for some roles since she dislikes dyeing her hair because she feels that red makes her stand out.

#7 Marcia Cross

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The Desperate Housewives star is renowned for her vibrant red hair. And she looks far better in her natural hue than she does with blonde hair.

#8 Bonnie Wright

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Bonnie Wright shares the same hair color as her iconic Ginny Weasley character. She occasionally tries coloring her hair, but we adore her red hair much more.

#9 Kate Mara

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Kate Mara is naturally ginger. She's experimented with both blond and brunette over the years, but she seems to look better with her natural hair.

#10 Bryce Dallas Howard

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Bryce is the daughter of renowned filmmaker Ron Howard, a fellow ginger. She, therefore, looks fantastic with her red hair, which is her natural hue.

#11 Lily Cole

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It's completely acceptable for this British actress and model to experiment with her hair color. However, we believe that her naturally red hair draws attention to her peculiar features.

#12 Isla Fisher

Source: © PacificCoastNews / BWP Media / East News, © islafisher / Instagram

One of Hollywood's most iconic redheads appears to have never changed her hair color. But in 2019, she made the decision to surprise her followers by posing as a blonde in an Instagram photo. A few days later, Isla showed up to an event with her regular red hair, so obviously it was only a wig.

#13 Karen Gillan

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Karen Gillan truly has red hair. She occasionally dons wigs of various colors, but she freely says that she like red the best.
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