Kid Throws Water Over Woman's Cat And Laughs So She Pours Water On Him To Teach Him Proper Manners

As parents, we're responsible for teaching our kids proper manners. It is an important part of child-rearing, but not every parent knows how to raise well-behaved kids. And if parents cannot do that, let's let neighbors do.
A woman who goes by the name Shannoncooperox on Twitter recently shared about how she taught her neighbor's kid a lesson after he behaved badly to her cat.

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The "10-year-old” kid poured a cup of water over her cat sitting on the fence and laughed as if he'd made a truly funny joke. Couldn't bear the kid's attitude and behavior, the woman decided to teach him a lesson by throwing a basin of water on him. His dad then went mad at her about what happened.

Source: shannoncooperox

The situation got even weirder when Shannon said that the kid is actually 13 and just “looks 10.” She also said that the kid and his dad laughed about what happened and hinted that they are actually friends.

Source: shannoncooperox

This is Shannon's cat

Source: shannoncooperox

After she posted her story on Twitter, it started a heated debate among other users. More than 700k people liked her post, retweeted it, and left their comments, and this number keeps going up and up.
Some believe that Shannon was wrong to take revenge on the kid, others sided with her and thought that he deserved what he got. Many also blamed his dad for not teaching his kid proper manners. Meanwhile, many point out that both sides were at fault and nobody won in this story.

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This story showed us many topics, like good parenting, how to be a good neighbor, how to take revenge on someone, the wrong way to treat animals, and others.
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