10 Things That You Don't Learn In High School But Quickly Pick Up On In College

When we were in high school, the idea of going to college made us cringe. We assumed that college would be an extension or a more demanding version of our high school routine and that all students would need to be pretty independent. We also assumed that there would be bills to pay, clothing to launder, and meals to prepare. However, when we are in college, we look back at our high school days and realize that we have learned a lot of new stuff in college that we didn't study or ever thought about in high school.
People are sharing the lessons that they didn't learn in high school but quickly picked up on in college. And they are so hilariously true that we have to collect and then share them with you, guys. Scroll down to check them out. Also, we are very happy to hear your thoughts. If you have learned anything in college that you didn't learn in high school, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

#1. Fact's a fact

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#2. Everyone follow

Source: _austinsawyer

#3. “That’s my assigned unassigned seat!”

Source: ColIegeStudent

#4. Probably pretty good because he might be on a free ride lol

Source: 06fordexplorer

#5. Too scared to even go back

Source: rachelhelenw

#6. Things will get better

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#7. Lmao

Source: FlawlessArmani

#8. Time did the needed

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#9. Poor kid

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#10. Bro that’s what it’s like

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